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Feeder plays to "empty field"

The Bassist from Feeder who opened this years Isle of Wight Festival has been speaking about playing to an "empty field" on Friday after hundreds of revellers were stuck in traffic jams. Taka Hirose said they were told the site was opened late because of safety concerns.

"We were a bit worried, obviously, being on so early, and obviously there was also a problem with the doors opening late. So we're thinking 'Hang on a minute, we're meant to be on at 4.30', then we were told 'No, its 4.10 now, doors aren't opening till 4'. We're like 'There's not going to be many people then'. So we walked out, 'Is this a joke?' So we tried to shorten our set and go on later, but I think they let us have five minutes later, but after three songs it suddenly filled up and by the end it was heaving, wasn't it? It was great!"

– Taka Hirose, Feeder