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Black ice in Wiltshire

Wiltshire Police have issued safety warnings to drivers after 27 accidents this morning involving black ice. The incidents have mostly involved single vehicles. It is believed that the deceptive black ice on the roads havs been caused by rain washing away the grit from snow left on the ground.

The main area affected has been around Swindon and Chippenham.

" We have had a unprecedented number of road traffic accidents this morning. Thankfully, although there have been some injuries, these have not been serious but it is only a matter of time if motorists do not take care on the roads. After the heavy rain most of the grit that was placed on the roads during the snow has been washed away by the rain, this has then frozen and left black ice all over the roads. This can make roads extremely dangerous and I am urging motorists to take care or even reconsider travelling this morning."

– Superintendent Nick Ashley, Wiltshire Police


Black ice warning from Police

Sussex Police are warning motorists of black ice on the roads. Between midnight and 7.45am today there were more than 40 crashes in Sussex, mainly in rural areas. More than 30 of the accidents mostly involved single cars sliding off the road because their drivers failed to spot ice.

"Rush hour drivers are urged to take it easy on the roads, especially outside towns. The ice cannot readily be spotted, so please slow down and allow extra time for your journey."

– Susses Police spokesperson