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Over the top - fundraisers abseil down Brighton's Grand Hotel for blind ex-services charity

More than one hundred volunteers abseiled down one of Brighton's most iconic buildings. They were raising money for the charity Blind Veterans UK which helps ex-servicemen and women.

Malcolm Shaw went to the Grand Hotel to see the abseilers in action, and spoke to Cara Butler, the youngest to take part, blind veteran Martin Shail, and Lesley Garven of Blind Veterans UK.

Blind Veterans UK victorious in archery competition

A Blind Veterans UK member takes aim Credit: Chris Nowell

Fifteen veterans from across the globe have taken part in an archery competition, despite them all being blind.

Challenges for the teams from the US and South Africa included shooting balloons at a distance of 20 feet and answering questions on each other's national cultures.

The UK were eventually the victorious team after winning their tie-breaker round!

The archery competition was just one of many activities to take place during a week long trip for the US Blinded Veterans Association.

They have teamed up with the Blind Veterans UK in an exchange programme call Project Gemini.

The project is helping the two organisations to share experiences and knowledgem about matters such as readjustment training, vision research and adaptive technology for the blind.


Promising results for trials treating inherited blindness

Patients suffering from an inherited form of blindness have, for the first time, had their vision dramatically improved by gene therapy.

The first six people given experimental injections at the Oxford Eye Hospital were able to see better.

Researchers at the city's university and also at Southampton University say trials have shown promising results for the treatment of Choroideremia.

The Phase I clinical trial is funded by the Health Innovation Challenge Fund, a partnership between the Wellcome Trust and the Department of Health.