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Stem cell breakthrough

Scientists at the University of Southampton have created a new method to generate bone cells which could lead to revolutionary bone repair therapies for people with bone fractures or those who need hip replacement surgery due to osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

To generate bone cells for regenerative medicine and further medical research remains a significant challenge. However we have found that by harnessing surface technologies that allow the generation and ultimately scale up of human embryonic stem cells to skeletal cells, we can aid the tissue engineering process. This is very exciting.

Our research may offer a whole new approach to skeletal regenerative medicine. The use of nanotopographical patterns could enable new cell culture designs and could herald the development of new bone repair therapies as well as further human stem cell research.

– Professor Richard Oreffo, University of Southampton

This latest discovery expands on the close collaborative work previously undertaken by the University of Southampton and the University of Glasgow. In 2011 the team successfully used plastic with embossed nanopatterns to grow and spread adult stem cells while keeping their stem cell characteristics


Police investigate - human bones found by A23

Sussex Police investigation underway after bones discovered

Officers from Sussex Police are investigating the discovery of human bones by a team of road workers carrying out works on the A23. Specialist search and scenes of crime officers have been at the scene yesterday and today. Officers say nothing else has been found at this time.

In a statement Police said they were keeping an open mind at this time, and have not yet formed a view on how the bones came to be there or their age.