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Angry scenes in Winchester as Boris Johnson campaigns for an EU exit

A carnival atmosphere has surrounded a visit by Boris Johnson to Winchester on his Vote Leave campaign.

Supporters of each side in the referendum battle converged on the historic Buttercross in the city centre ahead of Mr Johnson's arrival. But as Mr Johnson attempted to give a speech, much of it was drowned out by vocal opponents shouting "Liar, liar".

Supporters of Mr Johnson applauded him and several asked him to pose for selfies.

Boris Johnson takes to the streets of Winchester to campaign for an EU exit Credit: ITV Meridian


Boris tells steel workers: "The only way is out!"

Some experts say it's one of the most Eurosceptic towns in the country - so, where better for Boris Johnson - and his Vote Leave Battle Bus - to kick start the campaign than in Christchurch in Dorset.

Mr Johnson met steel workers there and said the only way is out!

The town has low immigration - just 1.7% of the population do not speak English as a first language.

In last year's General Election, around 80% of voters either backed long-standing Conservative MP, and leave campaigner, Chris Chope, OR his UKIP rival, Robin Grey.

Christchurch has also been named the retirement capital of the UK - 30% of the population are over 65.

So how did the Boris tour go this tourist town?

The Boris Battle Bus rolls into Dorset

Boris spreads his message in Dorset Credit: PA

It's been dubbed by experts as one of the most Eurosceptic towns in the country - and today Boris Johnson and his Vote Leave Battle Bus rolled in Christchurch in Dorset. He visited a steel factory.

Christchurch has low immigration. Just 1 point 7 percent of the population do not speak English as their first language.

The town is reliant on tourism and the popularity of nearby Bournemouth Airport. There are twin town arrangements with three EU countries

At last year's election, almost 80 percent of voters in Christchurch backed their long-standing Conservative MP and Leave campaigner, Chris Chope, OR his UKIP rival, who got more 18,000 votes.

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Heathrow runway could be built in south west

Heathrow Airport Credit: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Bosses at Heathrow Airport are expected to present plans to build a third runway south west of the airport, to a government commission tomorrow.

The Heathrow runway proposals will be presented to the Whitehall-appointed Airports Commission headed by former Financial Services Authority chairman Sir Howard Davies.

Heathrow's Chief Executive is expected to stay that building the new runway in Surrey would mean that fewer properties would need to be demolished.

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Boris' choice over airport plans

London Mayor Boris Johnson has turned his back on his own idea for a Kent island airport. His favoured option is now a four-runway hub airport on reclaimed land on the Isle of Grain.

The Mayor is submitting his preferred options to the independent Airports Commission which will advise the government on how to tackle the problem of overcapacity at London's major airports.

If not Grain, Mr Johnson says the island airport or expanding Stansted would be the next-best options.

We speak to Boris Johnson and Medway council leader Rodney Chambers.

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