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Work underway to preserve Bournemouth beach

Work has started to preserve one of the South's most popular beaches for future generations.

New groynes and 15 boreholes will be built along Bournemouth beach to help stop the coast eroding. It's part of a coast protection plan for Bournemouth to ensure cliff-top homes aren't pulled into the sea,

Using a cable percussion drilling rig, each borehole will be drilled to a depth of 15m and is expected to take two days to complete.

The purpose of the boreholes is to ascertain the ground conditions of potential new groyne locations. In total 15 boreholes will be drilled into the sand with five between the piers and 10 east of Boscombe Pier.

New groynes and 15 boreholes are being built along Bournemouth beach to help stop the coast eroding Credit: Bournemouth Borough Council

"We are carrying out vital investigations on the beaches throughout March to identify the best possible locations for the building of new groynes to combat erosion. Groynes have been built for over 100 years to protect the cliff and cliff-top properties in Bournemouth. With our coastline eroding at approximately 1 metre per year this work is especially important."

– Councillor David Smith

Bournemouth Beach Management is a project to provide coast protection for Bournemouth for the next 100 years to prevent the loss of homes to coastal erosion and drastic changes to the local environment.

Over the lifetime of the project Bournemouth's beaches will be subject to regular replenishment; approximately 210,000m3 of replenishment materials will be added every three years to keep the beach topped up at its target volume.

The groyne renewal programme will be undertaken as part of the project to improve performance, protect the seawall and prevent the loss of beach material.

The borehole drilling is being undertaken by Environmental Scientifics Group (ESG) and is fully funded by the Environment Agency.

Family concern for missing Bournemouth man

Missing man Alan Jenkins Credit: Dorset Police

Officers are becoming increasingly concerned for the welfare of 49-year-old Alan Jenkins who has gone missing from his Bournemouth home.

Alan was last seen at around 11.30am on Thursday, 12 March, at his home in Fenton Road. He was wearing heavy duty black boots and a grey jacket.

He is described as white, of medium build and six feet tall. He has short fair hair and blue eyes.

Police Inspector Anna Harvey said: 'Alan’s family has not heard from him since he went missing and we are very concerned as we believe he may have been upset at the time of his disappearance.

'If Alan sees this appeal, I would urge him to please make contact to let us know you are safe. Your family is very worried about you.'

Anyone who sees a man matching Alan’s description should call Dorset Police on 101 quoting incident number 12:142.


Woman pleads guilty to false allegation of rape

Nicole Richess, 20, from Bournemouth has pleaded guilty at Bournemouth Crown Court of perverting the course of public justice after falsely alleging that she had been raped by two soldiers now aged 23 and 24, when she was 18.

She will be sentenced on 26 march at Bournemouth Crown Court.

“Rape is a very serious criminal offence and happens when someone has not consented to a sexual act. Nicole Richess was not raped; she made two false allegations against two soldiers because she had been confronted by her boyfriend who had been made aware that she had been unfaithful. The investigation by Dorset Police into her allegations revealed that on Friday 9 November 2012, she went out for the evening with girlfriends in Bournemouth. They went clubbing and she, with one of her friends, met four young men, army soldiers. Nicole Richess then took the two soldiers to her home where they had sexual intercourse. What she did not know is that her boyfriend of three years would be aware of what happened through rumours, as a result he confronted her. Scared she started to make up stories and after three days of being pressurised by her boyfriend she went to the police and said she had been raped. She maintained her story during the police investigation, which quickly revealed discrepancies in her statement. Her selfishness and lies had serious consequences professionally and personally on the two young men, who had to be disciplined according to the Army Policy. The investigation went on their record and this limited their opportunities to be mobilised abroad. Their private lives had been exposed only because Nicole Richess could not take responsibility for her actions. We hope that with this conviction, they will be able to move on with their lives.”

– Sophie Stevens, Crown Prosecution Service

Holiday-maker thanks manager who 'brought him back'

A holidaymaker who collapsed and 'died' in a Bournemouth hotel is returning to see the manager who brought him back to life.

Lew is returning to Marsham Court Hotel with his wife, Margaret

Lew Bell, 84, had just arrived at the Marsham Court Hotel in March last year last when he suffered a massive heart attack in his room.

His frantic wife Margaret raised the alarm and hotel manager Rosie Wallace rushed up two flights of stairs to get to her guest.

Using newly-acquired CPR and resuscitation techniques, Rosie worked on Lew for eight minutes until paramedics arrived and took over.

Paramedics later said Lew was technically 'gone' but Rosie saved his life.

Lew spent three weeks in the Royal Bournemouth Hospital and had a pacemaker fitted, while wife Margaret continued her stay at the hotel.

This will be Lew's first holiday since his ordeal and he has chosen to go back to the Marsham Court.


Free bike lights as part of town cycle campaign

Residents can collect a pack of reflective accessories from Bournemouth Library Credit: PA

Residents in Bournemouth have the opportunity to pick up a set of free bike lights this winter as part of the town’s biggest ever travel campaign to get more people cycling.

Delivered as part of the government funded scheme to make cycling easier, safer and more attractive the Council is giving away over 900 ‘Be Bright Be Seen’ packs which include a set of brand new bike lights and reflective accessories.

All cyclists are required by law to display a white light on the front of their bike and a red light on the back whenever they ride between sunset and sunrise.

Residents can collect a pack from Bournemouth Library, but numbers are limited.

Cat shot dead by air rifle in Bournemouth

A cat has been shot dead by an air rifle in Bournemouth - and a £1000 reward has been put forward.

The cat was shot at between 11am and 7pm on Friday 5th December in the Southbourne area of the town.

The cat was hit by a pellet from an air rifle Credit: Dorset Police

The cat sustained serious injuries to its abdomen and sadly died despite an operation carried out by a vet.

This was a very upsetting experience for the family who have lost their treasured pet just before Christmas.

A kind member of the public is now offering a reward of £1000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible."

– Matt Chutter, of Bournemouth police
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