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Players gather for annual cricket match in the sea

Players have taken part in an annual cricket match played in the middle of the sea.

The event takes place between yachtsmen from Hamble and their counterparts across the Solent in Cowes.

The sandbank is a notorious underwater hazard but it is revealed once a year for about an hour at the lowest tide.

Chloe Oliver was up early for the start of play.

Chloe spoke to Dr Mark Tomson, Southern Yacht Club team captain and Tom Richardson who revived the event in the 1980s.


Annual Bramble bank cricket match in Solent today

At low tide the Bramble Bank is ideal for a quick, but rather wet, spot of cricket

The annual cricket match in the middle of The Solent near Cowes off the Isle of Wight has taken place today.

Play in the 'just for fun' Bramble Bank match happens for the short period of time where there's a low tide on the sandbank.

The contest between the Royal Southern Yacht Club and the Island Sailing Club The Royal Southern 1st XI ended at about 7.30am. About 100 people were there.

About a hundred people turned up to watch

Bramble Bank is a well-known hazard to shipping, and an unlikely venue for sport!

Despite being well documented and clearly marked on charts it has claimed some notable casualties over the years, including the Queen Elizabeth 2. But when low tides allow, it's also a venue for an unusual cricket match. Malcolm Shaw spoke to Mark Tomson of the Royal Southern Yacht Club.

Salvage operation underway to free grounded ship

A major operation is under way tonight to free a car transporter ship which ran aground in the Solent.

Twenty-five crew members had to be rescued from the Hoegh Osaka, which was heading out of Southampton water when it ran onto the Bramble Bank sandbank in The Solent yesterday evening.

Richard Slee reports


Salvage team on its way to ship stranded off IoW

The Hoegh Osaka container ship remains on its side on the Bramble Bank in the Solent Credit: Dave Russell

The car transporter ship the ‘Hoegh Osaka’ remains grounded on the Bramble Bank in the Solent after running aground last night.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has said there is no reported pollution from the vessel which is listing at an angle of 45 degrees. The MCA's Counter Pollution Team will continue to monitor the vessel, which is currently assessed as being stable.

The Hoegh Osaka's owners have appointed the salvage company Svitzer to deal with the incident. A salvage team is on its way to make an initial assessment.

The salvage plans will be developed by Svitzer and then reviewed by the Secretary of State's Representative for Maritime Salvage & Intervention.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency says there is no impact on vessels travelling along the Solent because the vessel is not within a shipping channel.

A rather wet cricket match at Bramble Bank

Bramble Bank cricketers and a boat Credit: Owen Buggy

Representatives of sailing clubs at Cowes and Hamble have taken part in a cricket match mid-Solent. The Bramble Bank match is a challenging one, played on a sandbank - with the players negotiating the ebbs and flows of the water, getting very wet in the process.

Cricket match mid-Solent Credit: Owen Buggy

No stranger to challenging circumstances - as the first person to sail single handed and non-stop around the world between 14th June 1968 and 22nd April 1969 - Sir Robin Knox-Johnston also put in an appearance.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was among the cricketers Credit: Owen Buggy