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Brian Blessed to become 'fearsome beastie'

Author Giles Paley-Phillips (left) with actor Brian Blessed Credit: Giles Paley-Phillips

Today saw legendary actor and raconteur Brian Blessed become the voice of a Sussex author's animation creation.

The Flash Gordon star will play The Fearsome Beastie in the computer animated cartoon of the same name, due on our screens next year.

Hove author Giles Paley-Phillips wrote the original children's book in 2011. It won the People’s Book Prize a year later.

Brian Blessed said: "I'm always on the look-out for original projects and as soon as I read the book and started thinking about Beastie, I knew that I had to be involved."

Brian Blessed - the voice of Medway's open bus tour

They're a common site in some of our busy towns and cities - open top tour buses giving visitors great views of famous landmarks and attractions.

Medway council bosses are so convinced of their rich heritage that they've drafted in one of our most famous classical actors to help launch the town's open bus tour.

The voice of Brian Blessed will guide visitors through that part of Kent as Tom Savvides reports.


FIRST PICTURE: Brian Blessed's buses

Bus tours begin Credit: Tom Savvides

Actor Brian Blessed will open Medway's new open top bus tours today.

The star of Flash Gordon will lend his famous booming voice to guide visitors to destinations such as Rochester Castle and Cathedral, Fort Amherst, the Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham Maritime, Dickens World, The Historic Dockyard Chatham and Eastgate House.