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Brighton & Hove's new plan to tackle homelessness

It's believed that more than fifty homeless people have died in Brighton & Hove in the last three years. Now, in a report soon to be released, Brighton & Hove City Council has set an ambitious target ... "to make sure no-one has the need to sleep rough in the city by 2020".

The report comes with a fresh admission that the city's homelessness problem has become "more acute" with services working with more than 1,100 cases of rough sleepers last year - figures that are almost double what the situations was like five years ago. Andy Dickenson reports.

Brighton & Hove council tax set at 3.99% for 2016/2017

Councillors at Brighton & Hove City council have approved an increase of 3.99% to council tax for the next financial year at a budget meeting tonight.


Brighton & Hove City Council election reaction

Brighton & Hove City Council is no longer controlled by the Greens, following the local elections.

The count, which started after general election votes had been counted, lasted most of Saturday with the final result coming after 7pm.

The Brighton Pavilion seat returned Caroline Lucas from the Green Party as its MP in Thursday's general election. Two councillors who won in the Preston Park ward where Ms Lucas lives, gave their reaction to the local election result and the day-long count.

First is Councillor Kevin Allen, from the Labour Party which now has a minority control of the city council.

Councillor Leo Littman, from the Green Party, attributed some of his party's loss of seats to the fact that the local elections were on the same day as the general election - boosting the number of voters taking part in the poll.

Brighton & Hove City Council - Labour win most seats

Labour take minority control of Brighton and Hove City Council away from the Greens.

Tally of councillors: Labour 23, Conservative 20, Green 11.

Labour councillors have a choice, their party may choose to go it alone as a no overall control council like the Greens did last year - bearing in mind they have just 3 more councillors than the Conservative group. Or Labour councillors may go into a coalition with the Greens.

In the next few days the Labour Party must announce their decision. Then, the Labour group will have to announce who the leader of the council will be by 21st May 2015.

Greens holding on to Regency ward in Brighton & Hove

The Greens have held onto the Brighton & Hove City Council seats vacated by former council leader Jason Kitcat and his wife Ania Kitcat - both Greens - who stood down.


Brighton & Hove City Council - election results soon

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