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  1. Tom Savvides

Drug driver had taken cocaine, heroin and valium

Less than three months after new laws came into force, police have renewed a warning about the dangers of getting behind the wheel under the influence of drugs. It comes after Sussex Police released footage of a motorist caught driving while high. He later admitted to having taken heroine, crack cocaine and valium. Since March, when police have been able to carry out roadside tests, 57 people have been arrested in Sussex and 21 of them charged with drug-drive offences. This report by Tom Savvides includes an interview with Inspector Stewart Goodwin and video campaign footage form THINK!

Several Range Rovers stolen in Brighton

A couple from Brighton have become the latest victims in a spate of Range Rover thefts. Sara Demetriou and her husband Chris were visiting her mother when a thief tried to steal the vehicle - smashing into a wall as he escaped. The four by four was then dumped nearby. It was the 13th Range Rover Sport to be targeted in the city since January

Door staff to help protect vulnerable party-goers

Police have been meeting with door staff in Brighton to help them spot vulnerable night-clubbers they say could be at risk.

Over the last year more than 350 rapes and sexual assaults were reported, many of which have been attributed to the city's booming night-time economy.

Andy Dickenson's report contains clips of the Who Are You? ad campaign. He speaks to Ch Insp Katy Woolford of Sussex Police, Dave Joyce, Manager of Pryzm Nightclub, and Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne.

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