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Replica bronze age boat takes to the sea

The crew of a replica bronze age boat has successfully managed to sail the vessel around the Kent coast today. It's the longest journey the boat has made - from Folkestone to Dover. The boat was designed and rebuilt by archaeologists after the original was unearthed nearby twenty two years ago. Andrea Thomas reports. She spoke to Richard Christian, from the Port of Dover, crew member Andrew Richardson and Paul Bennett from Canterbury Archaeological Trust.



Exclusive: first picture of Bronze Age boat

The boat will be craned into Dover Harbour tomorrow Credit: ITV Meridian

Experts are putting the final touches to the half-sized replica of Dover's Bronze Age Boat.

Made from oak and more than 8 metres long it will be craned into Dover Harbour tomorrow for sea trials using six rowers.

Historians hope the project will teach them more about the original boat which dates back to 1500BC and was discovered during road works in Dover in 1992.

Archaeologists have disagreed over whether the boat was robust enough to have been taken to sea or whether it stuck to inland waterways or was even a ceremonial craft.

The project has been funded by partners in France, Belgium and Britain and the new Dover Boat will form part of a touring exhibition in all three countries this summer.