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Batteries could 'burn internal organs', say doctors

Doctors in the South want parents of small children to make sure they don't swallow button batteries, because they can kill. The tiny batteries are found in some toys meant for older children, musical christmas cards and gadgets like remote controls.

They are perfectly safe products if made by a reputable manufacturer and used correctly, but if they are eaten they could cause a child to choke and within hours begin to burn their internal organs.

Sally Simmonds has more details:

Parents warned about toddlers swallowing batteries

X-ray of a child who swallowed a 'button' battery Credit: NWTS

Doctors in the south are warning parents that a common battery found in musical Christmas cards and toys could be fatal for toddlers if swallowed.

The tiny 'button' batteries can cause serious burns to internal organs as well as make small children choke.

'Button' batteries Credit: ITV Meridian

They are perfectly safe if made by reputable manufacturers and used correctly.


Thousands of homeless children this Christmas

More than 6,700 children in the South will be homeless this Christmas, according to new government figures, 13% more than last year.

Charity Shelter warns that the high cost of living is making it harder for families to keep a roof over their heads. Many of those affected will spend the festive period in cramped temporary accommodation, such as hostels or bed and breakfasts.

Hospital urges "only use A&E in emergency"

The number of patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital has risen Credit: ITV Meridian

Stoke Mandeville Hospital is urging people to consider options other than A&E unless they are critically injured or seriously unwell. The number of patients using the Buckinghamshire hospital has risen and staff aim to save resources for those who need it the most.

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