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Parents of 10-year-old Evey back new drug-driving law

The family of a 10-year-old girl killed by a drink and drug driver are backing new regulations aimed at stopping people driving while on drugs.

Evey Staley from the Isle of Wight was a rear seat passenger in her parents car when it was hit by Robert Blakely, two years ago. He'd been drinking and smoking cannabis prior to the collision.

New regulations came into force today, which mean drivers now face prosecution if they exceed limits set for the presence of eight illegal drugs and eight prescription drugs.

Police can test motorists at the side of the road to see if they have taken cannabis or cocaine:

Find out if your area is one of the worst in the country for food hygiene

Dinners are facing a 'postcode lottery' according to Which? Credit: ITV

Figures released by consumer group Which? found that dinners are facing a "postcode lottery" every time they go out to eat.

Thanet and Medway councils are in the bottom fifteen percent in the country, for ensuring restaurants meet food hygiene requirements.

Canterbury did best in our region, coming in at fourteenth place.

Which? released an interactive map where you can find out how your council did.

Hundreds of council supplied data on inspections Credit: ITV

“Our research reveals a shocking postcode lottery on food hygiene where in some places you may as well toss a coin before deciding which restaurant to trust with your health.

"Consumers expect local authorities to check that food businesses in their area comply with hygiene standards and rigorously enforce the rules.

“Local authorities should do more to make the best use of limited resources, respond effectively to risks across the food supply chain and ensure consumers are adequately protected wherever they live.”

– Richard Lloyd, Which? executive director
Half a million people get food poisoning each year Credit: ITV
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