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Race to save water voles across the south

The number of water voles in the south has been declining Credit: ITV Meridian

The number of water voles in our region has been declining rapidly over the last century.

The People's Trust for Endangered Species is now asking for the public's help to count how many of the animals live across the South.

Conservationists say habitat loss and the release and spread of American mink has led to the problem.


Some more of your photos enjoying the weather

Dawn Richardson with her dog in Ashford Credit: Dawn Richardson
Alisha-maria Smith in Thatcham Credit: Alisha-maria Smith
A family day out in the sun in Folkestone Credit: Liz Ockendon
Weymouth beach Credit: Gabrielle Marie Archer
Jacqui Maria Collins in Kent Credit: Jacqui Maria Collins
Dawn Rouse in Ramsgate Credit: Dawn Rouse
Siân Louise Tame enjoying her 23rd birthday in the sunshine Credit: Siân Louise Tame

Child's cot deemed unsafe after mother found daughter hanging from neck

Furniture boss Phillip Dickens was given a three-month suspended prison sentence by Aylesbury Crown Court today after his company supplied a cot that trapped a child by the neck.

On behalf of his company, Oxfordshire-based Baumhaus, Mr Dickens had admitted two counts of placing an unsafe product on the market, between January 2010 and July 2013, at an earlier hearing on March 16.

This follows a prosecution by Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards.

Judge Karen Holt fined his company £12,000 and suspended Mr Dickens's prison sentence for a year. She also awarded costs of £35,653.94.

The court heard that Buckinghamshire resident Louise Conant bought one of Baumhaus's Nutkin three-drawer cotbeds for her 19-month-old daughter, Ophelia.

On April 16, 2013 she put Ophelia in the cotbed for her lunchtime sleep, and was monitoring her via a video monitor system when she noticed the toddler getting into difficulty.

She hurried upstairs to find her daughter hanging by her neck, which had become lodged in a gap between the end of the bed and a horizontal handrail.

Ophelia Conant caught in cotbed Credit: Buckinghamshire County Council
Louise and Ophelia Conant after the incident Credit: Buckinghamshire County Council

Nine days later, Northamptonshire mother Deborah Turner, who had also bought a Nutkin cotbed, found her son dangling on the outside of the cot with his forehead jammed against the horizontal handrail.

As a result of Mrs Conant's complaint to Trading Standards at Buckinghamshire County Council, officers took away the cotbed, found the supplier Baumhaus, and confronted them with the problem - and a copy of a video of Mrs Conant's daughter in distress.


Your weather pictures this morning

Here are a few pictures you've sent in showing us how you're enjoying the sunshine this morning.

Temperatures on the Isle of Wight reach 28.3 degrees celsius Credit: Jo Jeremy Burch
Temperatures in Folkestone reach 16 degrees celsius Credit: Jackie Sinnott
Megan in Arundel, Sussex with the horses Credit: Megan Phillips
Enjoying 15 degrees celsius in Brighton Credit: Kat Pay
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