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  1. Derek Johnson (@derekjohnsonitv)

Dover, Dynamo and the 'Miracle of Dunkirk'

This week marks 75 years since what has became known as ''the miracle of Dunkirk'' - the rescue of more than three hundred thousand troops from the shores of Northern France.

It proved to be Britain's darkest hour in World War Two as Allied forces were roundly defeated by the advancing German Army and forced to retreat.

Dozens of the original private boats that helped rescue the stranded soldiers have gathered in Ramsgate - the place many of them left in 1940. Most are due to recreate the famous Channel crossing on Thursday as part of a series of anniversary events.

Back then, together with Royal Navy ships, they helped bring back far more soldiers than anyone thought possible.

Derek Johnson speaks to: Charles Ramsay - son of Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay; veteran Vic Viner and Richard Christian from the Port of Dover.

Archive footage is used courtesy of British Pathe

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