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Victim of rogue trader felt 'scared and pressured'

Rogue traders often target the elderly and disabled

"Scared and pressured" is how one man said he felt after paying thousands of pounds to rogue traders who knocked on his door, and told him he needed unnecessary repair work to his home.

Over the last two years in Oxfordshire alone, unsuspecting victims shelled out more than three quarters of a million pounds to dodgy workmen.

Targeting the elderly and disabled, the criminals pretend to be repairing roofs or tending gardens - intimidating their victims into handing over money. for shoddy or non-existent work.

But now Police and Trading Standards are fighting back, with a scheme designed to create 'nominated neighbours' who can act as shields against the conmen. Cary Johnston reports:

999 call warning after woman rings about dead cat

An ambulance service says it has recently received 999 calls from people asking for the number of Directory Enquiries and to report a dead cat.

The South Western Ambulance Service, which covers Wiltshire and Dorset, says it is currently getting around 2,500 999 calls a day in the run-up to Christmas.

It has launched a winter campaign to encourage people to question whether they really need to call 999.

It has released a recording of one call, in which a woman rang to report a dead cat in the road:



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Policing minister 'We'll drive drugs menace off the road'

Policing minister 'We'll drive drugs menace off the road'. Credit: PA

The policing minister has said new plans to test drivers for drugs will "drive this menace off the road".

This is something that has plagued society for far too long.

People will have exactly the same view of drug-driving as they do of drink-driving: it is an abhorrent thing to do.

Not only do you put your own life at risk, but you put innocent people's lives at risk.

We will drive this menace off the road.

– Policing minister Mike Penning
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