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University affected by water shortage

Oxford Brookes University's Gipsy Lane campus is without a water supply after a burst water main this morning.

Its sports centre will remain closed until further notice and other buildings may be affected.

A burst in the Old Road area of Headington, Oxford, was reported at around 6.30am and is affecting properties in the area which have either lost supply altogether or lost water pressure.

Thames Water has said it has isolated the stretch of pipe meaning there is no longer any water in it, but the pipe has not yet been fixed.


Bottled water being sent to Headington

Thames Water is sending a truck of bottled water to Headington following the burst of a water main this morning.

Spokesman Simon Evans has said engineers are currently digging in Old Road to fix the burst but he said it could be the end of the day before it is fully fixed.

He said: “It will be a couple of hours before the bottled water arrives but hopefully with a fair wind we will not even need it.

“We are very sorry to everyone in the Headington area and we are working as fast as we can to fix it.”

No water on hottest day

Water engineers in Headington Credit: Daniel Leveson

We're getting reports that a burst water main is affecting hundreds of homes in Headington, Oxfordshire, this morning.

Water supplies went off at around 6.30am and it's believed homes between Ramsay Road and Snowdon Mede are affected - on what's hoped to be one of the hottest days of the year.

The problem relates to a burst water pipe in the Old Road and Windmill Road areas.