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Haulage firm says Calais crisis could force them to pull out of European operations

A family-run haulage firm in Wiltshire is considering pulling out of its European operations, because of the danger posed to its drivers and vehicles - by people intent on getting to Britain.

Thousands of pounds of damage has been caused to lorries owned by Broughton Transport Solutions. And they say when immigrants manage to get on board, the firm gets fined thousands more.

David Woodland reports.


Asylum children 'have come from hell' says councillor

Cranbrook County Cllr Seán Holden has spoken on the news that 40 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children have been placed in the Swattenden Centre in the small town.

Migrants, including young children, in Calais Credit: PA

The children coming here have come from hell. They are alone and scared. It is good and right that we help.

This will not be some unruly influx. It will be no more than 40 teenagers who have fled the surreal horrors of Syria, or the Afghan Taliban or the terror of Eritrea.

I am assured, personally, by Kent County Council's administration, that Cranbrook will hardly know they are here. Quite rightly, they are not locked down but I am told in other places they have tended to keep to the facility. If they do go into town they will probably be accompanied and I hope we can show them some comfort and care.

When they have been assessed and helped with English and education they will go to a community, almost certainly outside Kent which, at present, is not able to offer any more placements.

– Cllr Seán Holden

Exclusive video: Calais crisis - Family's shock as migrants attempt to get in their car

Anjie Evans and her family were returning from holiday in France when they were caught in the Calais migrant crisis.

On her Facebook page, Anjie told of her shock as desperate men, women and children tried to get on lorries and cars stuck in jams at the crossing. They even tried to get into her car.

Anjie said: "Wonderful journey back from France yesterday, NOT! One of them charged over and smacked my Billy in the face through the open window, thankfully didn't hurt him. Very scary. The poor lorry driver in front had just locked those doors and they ripped them open and piled in. It's like a game to them!! Our 8pm ferry left at 11pm".

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