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11-year-old assaulted while playing football

The child was playing at Hamesmoor park near Mytchett Primary School Credit: ITV Meridian

Surrey Police is appealing for witnesses after an 11-year-old child was assaulted while he was playing football with friends in Camberley last Wednesday.

The boy was playing football with two friends at Hamesmoor park near Mytchett Primary School around 11-25am when two older teenagers asked to join them. The older youths, believed to be aged 18 and 19 years, became annoyed after it became apparent they were losing the game and one of them pushed the victim forcefully to the ground. He was treated for his injury at Frimley Park Hospital the following day.

The suspect is believed to be white, around 19 years old, 5ft 7 tall, of a big build with straight black hair and a short beard covering the sides of his face. He was wearing blue jeans, a grey, blue and pink patterned tee-shirt and yellow, blue and grey shoes.

"This 11-year-old boy has suffered a serious injury after what started off as a friendly game of football. As well as identifying the suspect, I would also like to speak to a male by the name of Ryan who was believed to be in the park at the time."

– Detective Constable Nell Rodriguez


Royal Military Academy celebrates Freedom of Borough

Hundreds of people have lined the streets of Camberley to see the officers and staff from the Royal Military Academy (RMA) at Sandhurst march through the town centre in an historic parade.

The 250 personnel from the RMA, including a military band were celebrating being granted the Freedom of the Borough by Surrey Heath Borough Council. The honour gives them the right to march on ceremonial occasions. The event also commemorated the centenary of World War One. Richard Slee reports.

The interviewee is Major General Stuart Skeates, Commandant, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

What should you do if lightning strikes?

Lightning bolts such as this one strikes ground in Britain 300,000 times a year Credit: PA Wire

After three men were hit by lightning in Camberley yesterday, here's some advice for people across the South in case lightning strikes near them.

There are three different ways of being hit by lightning.

There's the direct strike where the lightning hits you and goes to earth through you and the side flash where the lightning hits another object and jumps sideways to hit you. There's also a ground strike, which strikes the ground then travels through it, hitting you on the way.

What to do if a storm happens near you?

-Seek shelter and make yourself as small a target by crouching down with your head tucked in.

-Do not shelter beneath tall trees as one in four people are struck seeking refuge under them.

-Get out of water and off of beaches as water can transmit strikes from further away.

-Beware of objects that can conduct or attract lightning such as: golf clubs, umbrella, wire fencing and rails.

-Do not use a mobile or landline until the storm is over as it could conduct the lightening.

-Seek shelter quickly if your hair begins to stand on end and appliances begin buzzing - it may mean lightning is just about to strike.


Three men 'thrown from vehicle' after lightning strike

Three men were injured after they were unloading a lorry that was hit by lightning.

The men were reported to have been thrown from the vehicle up to about 12 feet.

Three ambulance crews were sent to the scene and a man in his 20s, a man in his 30s and a man in his 40s suffered injuries from the hit.

The man in his 40s is suffering with pains to his hands and the man in his 30s was walking wounded but suffered pins and needles in his hands.

A man in his 20s was thrown about two metres and was suffering from back pain and pins and needles in his hands.

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