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Father's appeal for news of son missing in Canada

The father of a 22-year-old man from Oxford who's gone missing hiking in the Canadian mountains has appealed for information about his whereabouts.

Tom Billings was due to return home last weekend -but hasn't made any contact with friends and family for more than two weeks.

Tom, who recently graduated from university, had been exploring Canada for the first time. He was staying in Vancouver and said he wanted to trek in the North Shore Mountains, where several rescue teams have been searching for him.

Sangeeta spoke to Martin Billings from our Didcot newsroom.

Additional footage courtesy of CTV.

The search continues for Oxford man in Canada

Tom Billings at his graduation in Durham Credit: Martin Billings

The search is still on for an Oxford man who has gone missing in Canada.

Tom Billings, who is 22-years old had been exploring North America.

He is thought to have headed out for a hike but failed to return.

His father, Martin Billings, has made an emotional appeal on Canadian television to help try and find his son.

Tom last made contact with his father nearly a month ago.

The 22-year-old has gone missing after hiking in Canada Credit: Martin Billings


Oxford man missing in Canada

Tom Billings, 22, was reported missing after he failed to return to accommodation in Vancouver, Canada for several days. Credit: PA

A father from Oxford has issued an emotional appeal for help in the search for his son who is thought to have gone missing while hiking in Canada.

Tom Billings, 22 and a seasoned traveller and hiker, was reported missing after he failed to return to accommodation in Vancouver for several days.

Ton has been missing since November 25, Canadian police said.

A number of tips have led them to believe he went to the North Shore area of Vancouver on a hiking expedition.

His father Martin Billings, a lawyer from Oxford said Tom, who had no medical problems, graduated recently from university and had applied to carry out postgraduate research.

Mr Billings said: "The things that have gone through my mind are in many ways too horrible to mention, I cannot deny that.

"I think most likely is that he got into trouble somewhere on the mountain. From there, I do not know. What I hope is that he got to a warm place - maybe he has broken a leg or something."

Disabled film makers win international award

A Sussex film festival has been recognised internationally for its work with people with learning difficulties. 23 year old Jason Eade is part of a group of film makers who have put on the Oska Bright Film Festival.

He travelled to canada to pick up a prestigious award at the Picture This festival - on behalf of the whole team. Andy Dickenson has the story with contributions from Jason as well as David Parker, Oska Bright production co-ordinator.

Canadian comfort: quilts for war-torn families

The Second World War generated many heroes - thousands sacrificed their lives for their country. But there were also many unsung heroes who gave hours of their time and skill to help the war effort.

In Canada, for example, women all over the country gathered to sew quilts to give to bombed-out families in Britain. Now a new exhibition is celebrating their efforts. Andrea Thomas went to take a look. She spoke to Dr Anna Mansi.

Sharing Titanic memories

Nearly three hundred bodies recovered from the Titanic disaster were taken to Halifax. Many documents and personal affects of those taken there are in a special archive. Most are going on the internet for people to see for the first time.

Mike Pearse talks to Gary Shutlock of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia and takes a look at some of personal objects used to identify those who died.


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