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General Election 2017: Canterbury - a dramatic change

Here's a look at what happened in Canterbury in Kent, where Labour took the seat which had been held by Conservatives since 1918. The new MP defeating the long-standing incumbent, Julian Brazier, with a margin of just about 200 votes. The report is followed by an interview with Rosie Duffield, the city's new MP.


A protester's story: 'I don't know if I'd have made it to another hospital' further away

The marchers went through Canterbury's city streets

People at today's march have been explaining their reasons for protesting against planned changes to health care provision in East Kent. A protester who says her life was saved at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital, explains why she is campaigning to keep services on her doorstep.

'Save the KC' protesters march to protect local hospital

Campaigners chanting 'Save the K C for you and me'

Campaigners hoping to protect services at their local hospital have been marching through the streets of Canterbury in Kent.

The demonstrators have been voicing their anger at plans by the East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust to temporarily move some services from the Kent & Canterbury Hospital to hospitals in either Ashford or Margate instead.

Kent mosque raises money for displaced Muslims

For millions of Muslims around the world, this is the holy month of Ramadan.

They believe the practice of not eating or drinking between dawn and dusk not only brings followers closer to God but also reminds them of those who are less fortunate.

Charitable acts have a special significance which is why a mosque in Canterbury is raising money for displaced Muslims living in Bangladesh having fled from persecution in their home country.

Tony Green reports.

Tony spoke to Chairman Harroon Raschid Sohawon from Canterbury Mosque, Imam Ihsan Khan and Undergraduate Alisha Farouk.

Tony Green's report contains some pictures from the Human Relief Foundation.

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