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Another migrant found dead trying to cross through Channel Tunnel

Eurotunnel says there has been no impact on flow of services Credit: ITV

Another migrant has been found dead after apparently making a bid to cross to Britain through the Channel Tunnel in France.

The man, an Eritrean aged in his 20s, is believed to have been hit by a freight train near the entrance at around 1am.

Channel Tunnel operator Eurotunnel said the person was found unconscious near the tracks outside the tunnel.

A spokesman said: "It's another very regrettable incident which serves to highlight the risks associated with crossing the Channel illegally."

Eurotunnel said it "deplored" the accident, which had no impact on the flow of services. The shuttle driver and colleagues will receive psychological care.

The man is the 13th migrant to die since the start of the cross-Channel migrant crisis, which has placed UK police and social services under huge strain.

Migrant killed at Channel Tunnel

Credit: PA

A migrant has been killed after being struck by a train at the entrance to the Channel Tunnel in France. It's the eleventh death reported at Eurotunnel this year.

A Eurotunnel spokesman said the man was found unconscious beside the track at around 2.30am on Thursday morning.

It's believed the man is an African national either from from Sudan or Eritrean.

There are no significant delays to services, Eurotunnel say.


Sudanese national arrested after 'intrusion' inside Channel Tunnel

Eurotunnel has confirmed that a migrant was intercepted inside the Channel Tunnel yesterday .

Eurotunnel's detection systems identified 'an intrusion' near to the Tunnel entrance in France. As soon as the alarm was raised, Eurotunnel closed the French entrance to the Tunnel and police searched the area.

Eurotunnel said: "A criminal intrusion into the Channel Tunnel is an extremely rare incident. It is both illegal and highly dangerous. This person could have been seriously injured or even killed."

Following the detailed search of the Tunnel a Sudanese national was intercepted and arrested by the Channel Tunnel Police. Charges are being pressed.

Full service through the Channel Tunnel resumed in the late afternoon.

TRAVEL - ROADS: KENT - J11A / M20 Channel Tunnel - queues because of strike at Port of Calais

The closure of the Port of Calais because of industrial action in France has had a knock-on effect in Kent.

There is queueing traffic and one lane is blocked due to freight traffic queueing for the Channel Tunnel on M20 coastbound at J11A.

At the Channel Tunnel, M20 J11a, the queue is back on to the main M20 in lane one (of three) and the A20 is slow in to Dover.

Channel Tunnel trouble

Tunnel passengers are facing delays after services were suspended for a time when an alarm went off as a freight shuttle train passed through.

Passenger and freight shuttle trains as well as Eurostar high-speed services were halted as technicians checked the France-bound train, which stopped around mid-tunnel.

"An alarm in the tunnel soundedbut no fault was found with the shuttle when it was checked out. It's amoderately-busy day or us and there will be delays of around 40-60 minutes for a whilebut we hope to be back to normal running soon."

– A Eurotunnel spokesman


£10m worth of cosmetics seized at Channel Tunnel

Border Force officers at the Channel Tunnel entrance in France have seized around 578 boxes of counterfeit cosmetic gift sets with a potential value of up to £10 million.

The seizure was made in the early hours of 28 August as officers carried out checks on a Dutch-registered vehicle en route to a business park in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

These cosmetics were seized at the Channel Tunnel Credit: Home Office
These cosmetics were seized at the Channel Tunnel Credit: Home Office

The Border Force team inspected the load and it soon became clear that the cosmetic sets and their packaging were of inferior quality.

The goods were seized and the investigation has been passed to Kent County Council Trading Standards.

“I would like to praise my officers for their vigilance in identifying these fakes. Counterfeit goods cause damage to legitimate businesses and traders and they leave customers out of pocket with inferior and possibly dangerous goods. Border Force will continue to play a key role in fighting and disrupting serious and organised crime and protecting the UK’s economy.”

– Paul Morgan, Director of Border Force South East and Europe

“This is one of the biggest hauls of counterfeit goods we have ever encountered. As soon as we examined the items, it was clear from errors with the labelling and instructions that the cosmetics were definitely fake. The makes involved include Dior, Chanel, Bobbi Brown and MAC. We have now sent samples for testing so that we can determine whether these cosmetics were actually dangerous as well as counterfeit. Protecting UK businesses and consumers from this organised crime is an important aspect of our work and this seizure is a clear demonstration of the value of the partnership between KCC Trading Standards and the Border Force.”

– KCC Trading Standards Manager Mark Rolfe

Celebrations mark 20 years of the Channel Tunnel

The Channel Tunnel has been open for 20 years Credit: Chris Ison/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The Channel Tunnel is celebrating its 20th anniversary today.

Exactly 20 years ago the Queen became one of the first passengers to cross from Kent to France by train through the 23.5 mile tunnel.

Shuttles transport cars, coaches and lorries between England and France along twin railway tunnels. Eurostar also uses the Channel Tunnel to run high speed rail services from London to Paris and Brussels.

Since opening more than 330 million passengers have used the tunnel, with more than 65 million vehicles, 20 million of those being trucks.

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