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Prince Charles visits family home of Sir Winston Churchill

His Royal Highness Prince Charles visited the family home of Sir Winston Churchill, Chartwell in Kent this morning.

The National Trust has embarked on an ambitious plan this year to purchase hundreds of historic artefacts belonging to the wartime prime minister and secure them as part of his public legacy.

They're on display at his family home of Chartwell near Westerham and today Prince Charles made a special visit to take a look around. Sarah Saunders report contains some flash photography.


New drama about Winston Churchill being filmed in Kent

Winston Churchill's home at Chartwell Credit: ITV news

A new drama about Winston Churchill is being filmed at his country home in Kent. The one-off film about the prime minister's final years in power is being recorded at Chartwell. It will star Michael Gambon as Churchill and will be broadcast on ITV.

The cast also includes Matthew Macfadyen, Downton Abbey's Daisy Lewis and Tara Fitzgerald playing his adult children. Lindsay Duncan plays his wife Clemmie. They started filming this month. The show is set during the summer of 1953 when the then-peacetime prime minister had a stroke, which was kept secret from the world. The Hour star Romola Garai will play a nurse guiding an ailing Winston Churchill back to health

The show will also be broadcast on PBS in the United States next year. ITV director of drama Steve November said: "Churchill's Secret is the extraordinary and compelling story of how one of our country's most famous political figures battled back from life-threatening illness to hold on to power."

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VIDEO: Churchill, the 'British bulldog' has a new cat.

His bulldog spirit saw Britain to victory during World War II. But Sir Winston Churchill had a soft spot when it came to cats.

The wartime leader's love for his feline friends was so strong that he left instructions that a cat must always live at his former home Chartwell, near Sevenoaks in Kent, even long after his death.

Sarah Saunders spoke to Katherine Barnett, Chartwell House and Collections manager, and Jock the cat's new owner.

Chartwell welcomes news of Churchill on new £5 note

See our story about Sir Winston Churchill's links to the South, and the story of his former home at Chartwell near Sevenoaks in Kent. The wartime Prime Minister's property and its gardens are open to the public. Sir Winston lived there from 1924 until his death in 1965.

Sir Winston Churchill to feature on new £5 note

The Sir Winston Churchill £5 note will be issued in 2016 Credit: Bank of England/PA Wire

The wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill is to be the face on the new five pound note. Churchill lived at Chartwell in Kent during his lifetime.

The bank note will be issued in 2016, making Churchill the first politician of the modern era to feature on British currency.