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Peake performance - Major Tim spends first day in Space Station office

"A spectacular day in the office". That's how Major Tim Peake's mother has described her son's historic journey to Space.

The former helicopter pilot from Sussex has spent his first day on board the International Space Station - BUT his first priority was to phone home. He made a video call to his family back on Earth. Mel Bloor reports.


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The Queen sends good luck message to Tim Peake

The Queen sent her best wishes to Major Peake and the crew. Credit: PA

The Queen has sent a good luck message to Tim Peake after he arrived on the International Space Station.

The message, which was tweeted, said: "Prince Philip and I are pleased to transmit our best wishes to Major Timothy Peake as he joins the International Space Station in orbit.

"We hope that Major Peake's work on the Space Station will serve as an inspiration to a new generation of scientists and engineers.

"The thoughts and prayers of the whole country are with him and the crew, especially at this time of year.

"We join with his friends and family in wishing him a productive mission and a safe return to Earth."

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Tim Peake welcomed to International Space Station

Tim Peake has been welcomed to the International Space Station after the hatch to his Soyuz spacecraft was opened.

Mr Peake, NASA astronaut Tim Kopra and Russian commander Yuri Malenchenko entered the station at 7.58pm GMT after a six-and-a-half hour journey.

The whole crew assemble on the International Space Station. Credit: ESA
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Tim Peake's arrival on ISS a 'great day', says David Willetts

David Willetts speaks shortly before Tim Peake was due to board the ISS. Credit: ESA

Former science minister David Willetts said Tim Peake's arrival at the International Space Station was a "great day".

Lord Willetts, who was instrumental in setting Britain on the path to sending Mr Peake into space, said it was good that the UK was finally part of the ISS mission.

He said it was a great day "for Tim Peake personally and Britain as a whole".

Speaking about the ISS mission, he said: "This is something that is going to be part of the future of space exploration.

"Britain should be part of it and now we are."


Lift off! All the excitement of a historic day

It's been a momentous day for Sussex astronaut Major Tim Peake - the first Briton in space for more than 20 years.

Christine Alsford watched the thrills and excitement of today's mission launch.

Her report contains interviews with Tim's dad Nigel Peake who comes from Chichester, Major Peake's wife Rebecca and the last British astronaut to go into space in 1991, Helen Sharman.

Tim Peake's spacecraft successfully docks with International Space Station

Tim Peake's spacecraft has docked with the International Space Station after a manual docking.

A message from mission control said: "Congratulations, we were a little bit worried from our side."

The craft was forced to switch to manual docking from automatic. It was not initially clear why.

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Igniting imaginations, schoolchildren react to historic space launch

Astronaut Major Tim Peake who took off for the International Space Station today says he's landed his dream job and he wants to inspire the next generation of space explorers. Spellbound schoolchildren from across Kent came together at Wellesley House School in Broadstairs to watch the live coverage. Sarah Saunders went along and spoke to children and science teacher Kerry Sabin-Dawson.

Watch full package below - starting with the astronomical reaction of local school children.

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