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Chief Constable visiting research group in Kent

A research group who support people with learning difficulties in Kent will present their findings to the Chief Constable of Kent, Alan Pughsley today.

The findings show that half of those surveyed said they had been harassed, victimised or assaulted.

It also showed that hate crime against people with learning difficulties was on the rise, with many going unreported.

They will be presented to Alan Pughsley and the Police Commissioner Anne Barnes, along with recommendations to how this issue can be resolved.


New Kent police chief - Full interview

Kent's new Chief Constable Alan Pughsley talks to Derek Johnson about the challenges of running a police force which has to find another £20 million in budget savings. The force has already shed 500 staff members in the face of public sector cuts.

We also spoke to people in Maidstone and put their views and concerns directly to Mr Pughsley.

Kent's new top cop pledges 'Quality policing'

Kent's new Chief Constable says ongoing cuts to the force will not impact on the quality of policing.

Chief Constable Alan Pughsley admits the loss of five hundred staff due to budget reductions will mean that not every crime victim will receive a visit from an officer - but he says that the police will continue to be efficient and pro-active.

Safer streets and more bobbies on the beat - your messages to the new Chief Constable

Safer streets, a better relationship with young people, more bobbies on the beat and tackling drug crime.

Just a few of the things people on the streets of Maidstone told us they'd like the new chief constable of Kent to tackle as he takes up his new post. .

They've been talking with ITV Meridian's, Derek Johnson

"Lower-level crimes" will be handled by phone


Vulnerable crime victims in Kent will always get visit from officer but lower-level crimes to be dealt with by phone says new chief con.


500 fewer police officers in Kent following cuts. New chief constable says there should be "a lower level of expectation" from the public.


Commissioner welcomes new chief constable


Alan Pughsley says Kent is best police force in land. Promises a more local focus to policing the county.

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