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Endangered tigers enjoy Christmas presents at Kent park

Tigers at Port Lympne enjoy a selection of Christmas presents Credit: Port Lympne

Tigers at Port Lympne Animal Park have been enjoying Christmas presents as such of an enrichment scheme.

The Amur tigers get to enjoy festively decorated boxes, sprayed with an array of fragrances.

The tigers dug into the presents eagerly by ripping them open and rubbing against them.

Tigers at the park will enjoy their presents today Credit: Port Lympne

Providing tigers with new scents excites their sense of smell and is important to create a simulating environment for the animals.

Ben Thompson, Large Carnivore keeper said: "Seeing the tigers interact with new scents is really important. It stimulates their natural behaviour, such as the flehmen reaction (where they expose their tongues to transfer scents to the vomeronasal organ in their mouth)

"They enjoy rubbing against the scent and scent marking over the top themselves. They particularly enjoy Calvin Klein’s Obsession For Men!”


Portsmouth host special Christmas race

Boat sailing in Hot Turkey Race Credit: Portsmouth Sailing Club

Portsmouth Sailing Club are holding a one-of-its-kind event as they host a boat race on Christmas Day in aid of the RNLI.

Today, the sailing club have been granted special permission to race from the entrance of the harbour as Christmas Day is the only day when the Royal Navy do not use this entrance nor is it used for commercial shipping.

One of the boats involved in the Christmas Credit: Portsmouth Sailing Club

The event has previously attracted high profile participants such as Sir Robin Knox-Johnston among other willing competitors.

The event is open to all types of boats there is expected to be lots of fancy dress.

Part of the sailing course Credit: Portsmouth Sailing Club

Physios recommend slippers as top presents for elderly

Physiotherapists are urging people across our region to buy elderly friends and family a new pair of slippers for Christmas as the best way to prevent accidents.

More than 200,000 people end up in hospital each year from avoidable slips, trips and falls if better shoes were worn.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) say it is important to ensure footwear is the right size and attending exercise classes will help to maintain bone strength and balance as they get older.

Falls are the largest cause of emergency hospital admissions for older people and can have terrible consequences. But there are simple measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of falling. Providing appropriate footwear that fits well, supports the ankle and has a good grip on its sole is one such step, to allow people to move safely around their home. Giving an elderly friend, relative or neighbour a new set of slippers for Christmas would be an act of kindness with an importance that lasts long after the wrapping paper has been cleared away.”

– Sue Rees, Chair of Council at Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

Hampshire Police wish community a happy Christmas

The force has been planning ahead to ensure resources are dedicated to the right areas over the Christmas period to keep people safe and reduce crime.

Local operations are taking place across the force area to help prevent such offences, protect victims and keep communities safe.

Simon Hayes, Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire said: “For the majority, Christmas and New Year is a time to celebrate and enjoy time with family, friends and colleagues. But for others, it’s a time to commit crime."

I want to wish everyone in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight a safe and enjoyable festive season. This is always a very busy time and as we know, that can lead to an increase in violence, alcohol-related crime, anti-social behaviour and thefts. That’s why we’ve been planning ahead to ensure we have the right resources in the right place at the right time. I would like to thank all of our officers, staff and volunteers and Special Constables who will be working hard throughout this period and will continue to do so to help keep our communities safe."

– Laura Nicholson, Assistant Chief Constable


Robber dressed as Santa threatens staff with knife

Thames Valley Police are appealing for witnesses after a man dressed as Father Christmas robbed an Oxford store earlier today.

At around 9.30 the man dressed in a big red suit walked into the Next store at Oxford Retail Park in Cowley and threatened staff with a knife.

The member of staff then handed over money from the safe and the offender made off on a bicycle towards Blackbird Leys bridge.

The offender is described as white male, medium build, 5ft 9ins to 6ft, in his thirties and wearing jeans and a blue fleece under the Santa outfit.

This was a frightening incident which has left the staff member very shaken. We would urge anyone shopping around the Oxford Retail Park this morning who saw a man on a bike, dressed as Father Christmas, and who has not spoken to us already to get in touch as a matter of urgency.”

– Det Sgt Mark Stalder

Millions celebrate Christmas away from home

The festive season begins away from home Credit: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

The big Christmas travel getaway is underway with millions heading away on trains, planes, ferries and on the roads. Staff at railway stations have been entering into the festive spirit by dressing up as Santa's helpers and handing out thousands of mince pies.

Heathrow and Gatwick expect 2.5 million passengers over the holiday with half a million taking to the Channel Tunnel and ferries.

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