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Christmas campaign to protect your presents

The Christmas Safety campaign focuses on preventing crime with advice on how to keep your valuables, homes and vehicles safe.

Wiltshire Police say the festive season is particularly tempting for criminals as they expect to find gifts in people’s homes and cars.

They say it is important to ensure that your house is secure and that you take precautions to stop criminals who will have no thought about taking your carefully chosen gifts for loved ones.

  • When out shopping, keep your purse and handbag near you
  • Don’t leave Christmas presents or other valuables in your car.
  • Keep valuable items out of view and reach of windows and doors
  • Take photos of all jewellery including hallmarks and keep them safe.
  • Make a list of the serial number of your electronic items and keep it safe
  • Make sure you have up-to-date contents insurance


Poole Wishing Tree brings festive cheer

Cllr Karen Rampton with Borough of Poole staff member Fiona Fryer Credit: Poole Council

Every child in Poole's Refuge will today receive a present thanks to the generous donations made to the Wishing Tree by Poole staff and members.

The scheme of the Wishing Tree is in its fourth year and is decorated in tags representing each child it helps.

Cllr Karen Rampton, Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Health and Social Care and Equalities Champion, Borough of Poole, said:

"I'm pleased that we will be able to deliver a present for everyone at the refuge this Christmas. The popularity of the Wishing Tree has been growing each year and this year really did exceed our expectations, with all of the wishes going on the same day."

Presents under the tree in Poole Credit: Poole Council

Christmas driving tips from the AA

The AA has released a list of tips for drivers over the busy period at Christmas and New year on the roads.

Day 1: Do something selfish - drive safer and adopt safer driving.

Day 2: Do something unselfish - drive friendlier. Make it your New Year's resolution to treat vulnerable road users better.

Day 3: Do something for a friend - take better care of your friend - your car and check the oil, water and tyres.

Day 4: Do something for the planet - Drive greener by changing gear earlier and sticking to the speed limit.

Day 5: Do something for the future - Do more interesting things with your car and your life- visit to find alternative country routes to the main roads for a more enjoyable journey.

Christmas events between now and New Year in and around Southampton and Winchester

These are some of the things to do in the Southampton area between now and the end of the festive season. Of course some of these might be closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day as they are Bank Holidays.

Top tips to stay safe this Christmas!

At this time of year, with all the Christmas parties and nights out, it's easy to forget to take sensible measure to stay safe.

Wiltshire Police have released some tips on how to reduce the chance of becoming a victim.

DS Julie Law, Wiltshire Police said: 'A cell in police custody is not a festive place to be. Our message to offenders is this, we will do everything in our power to identify you and put you before the courts.'

Christmas safety tips:

  • Think about your safety before you leave home; make sure someone knows where you are going, who you are with and what time you will return
  • Fully charge your mobile phone and keep it with you so you can keep in contact with your friends and family
  • Try to stay with friends and don’t go off alone
  • Walking home in the dark is never a good idea, but if you absolutely must, try to walk with a friend
  • If you think someone is following you, go to the nearest place where there are people and ask for help
  • Carrying a personal attack alarm is a good idea


Endangered tigers enjoy Christmas presents at Kent park

Tigers at Port Lympne enjoy a selection of Christmas presents Credit: Port Lympne

Tigers at Port Lympne Animal Park have been enjoying Christmas presents as such of an enrichment scheme.

The Amur tigers get to enjoy festively decorated boxes, sprayed with an array of fragrances.

The tigers dug into the presents eagerly by ripping them open and rubbing against them.

Tigers at the park will enjoy their presents today Credit: Port Lympne

Providing tigers with new scents excites their sense of smell and is important to create a simulating environment for the animals.

Ben Thompson, Large Carnivore keeper said: "Seeing the tigers interact with new scents is really important. It stimulates their natural behaviour, such as the flehmen reaction (where they expose their tongues to transfer scents to the vomeronasal organ in their mouth)

"They enjoy rubbing against the scent and scent marking over the top themselves. They particularly enjoy Calvin Klein’s Obsession For Men!”

Portsmouth host special Christmas race

Boat sailing in Hot Turkey Race Credit: Portsmouth Sailing Club

Portsmouth Sailing Club are holding a one-of-its-kind event as they host a boat race on Christmas Day in aid of the RNLI.

Today, the sailing club have been granted special permission to race from the entrance of the harbour as Christmas Day is the only day when the Royal Navy do not use this entrance nor is it used for commercial shipping.

One of the boats involved in the Christmas Credit: Portsmouth Sailing Club

The event has previously attracted high profile participants such as Sir Robin Knox-Johnston among other willing competitors.

The event is open to all types of boats there is expected to be lots of fancy dress.

Part of the sailing course Credit: Portsmouth Sailing Club
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