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New Bishop of Sherborne appointed

Ven. Karen Gorham has loved Dorset since her childhood Credit: Michael Ford

The Archdeacon of Buckingham is to become the 36th Bishop of Sherborne and the ninth in modern times. The Bishop of Sherborne works in the Diocese of Salisbury with responsibility mainly for parishes in Dorset. The Venerable Karen Gorham has fond memories of Dorset.

It has been a real privilege to serve the church in Buckinghamshire and work in the Diocese of Oxford. I now look forward to getting to know the people and places of Dorset, an area I have loved since childhood holidays.

Dorset is a place of story, from Enid Blyton to Thomas Hardy, whose poetry I particularly enjoy, and we all have a unique story to tell, as individuals and as Christian Communities, of God’s love and grace. That's our witness to the world, and our biggest challenge is to have the confidence to share it.

– Ven. Karen Gorham

Former Bishop to be sentenced for string of offences

An investigation is to be launched into how the Church of England responded to allegations of abuse by the former Bishop of Lewes Peter Ball.

The 83-year-old is due to be sentenced this week for a string of offences against young men in the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

Lawyers for his victims say the church should no longer be trusted to police itself. The Church said the review will be published next year.

He will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on Wednesday.


Former Bishop admits sex attacks on young men

The former Bishop of Lewes, Peter Ball, today became the most senior figure in the Church of England to be convicted of sex attacks on young men.

He pleaded guilty to historic abuse after failing in a bid to have his case thrown out on the word of a former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Admitting misconduct on charges relating to 16 young men, he then pleaded guilty to two more counts of indecent assault. Andy Dickenson reports and we hear from David Greenwood, chairman of Stop Church Child Abuse.

What about this for a view! Repair man climbs to the top of the country's tallest cathedral

HIs heart was in his mouth and the adrenalin was pumping. Those are the words of the man who had to climb to the top of the country's tallest cathedral spire in Salisbury to repair a weather meter. Gary Price says the worst moment was when he had to step outside a small window near the base of the spire for the final climb to the summit. Pictures from Salisbury Cathedral. Penny Silvester reports.

Vatican takes on the Church of England in Kent cricket match

Sporting opponents often claim to have God on their side - but never has that been so true today as when a cricket match between two Christian faiths began. A team from the Vatican arrived in Kent to take on an Anglican eleven. We sent our reporter Andrea Thomas to speak with both teams before play got underway. She spoke to Reverend Stephen Gray, captain of the Church of England XI and Tony Currer, captain of the Vatican XI.


Services held at other local churches after fire

St Peter's church in Ropley was destroyed in a fire on Thursday Credit: ITV Meridian

Parishioners of a historic church in Hampshire had to attend services at other churches this morning after a devastating fire.

The 800 year old St Peter's Church at Ropley near Winchester was engulfed in flames throughout Thursday. An investigation is being held into the cause of the blaze.

Anger at news that burial sites will be dug up to make way for HS2

The Church of England has criticised plans for a high speed rail link through Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. The Archbishops' Council has expressed concerns at proposals to dig up a number of burial sites along the route.

More than 30,000 graves must be exhumed to make way for HS2 including two and a half thousand within the ruins of St Mary the Virgin Church in Stoke Mandeville. See our report from Mel Bloor

Church of England 'opposed' to HS2

The Church of England has announced it's opposition to the Government's controversial HS2 high speed rail line.

One of the Church's most powerful bodies, the Archbishop's Council says the route which would pass through Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire, will desecrate thousands of graves.

In a statement a Department for Transport spokesman says throughout the development, burial grounds have been avoided as much as possible. ITV Meridian spoke to Helen Glass of HS2 Ltd.

Bishop of Porstmouth welcomes women bishops vote

The Anglican Bishop of Portsmouth has welcomed yesterday’s vote which could pave the way for the first women to become Church of England bishops.

The Rt Rev Christopher Foster was one of eight representatives from the Diocese of Portsmouth on the Church of England’s General Synod, which voted overwhelmingly for a package of measures as the next steps to enable women to become bishops.

The General Synod voted by 378 to eight in favour of proposals outlining the Draft Legislation of Women in the Episcopate. The proposals included a simple piece of legislation allowing women to become bishops and archbishops, and a way of resolving any future disputes over the arrangements.

I'm delighted at the overwhelming support that the Church of England’s General Synod gave to proposals that could mean the first women bishops are appointed much sooner than was previously thought.

– Rt Rev Christopher Foster
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