Misery for region's commuters

The first full week back at work after the summer break started with a Monday of misery for thousands of Thames Valley commuters.

Rail fare review?

The Government is facing mounting pressure to reconsider its 6.2 per cent rail fare rise for commuters in the South.


West of region's transport test

The transport network was put to the ultimate test. Indeed, the Government had warned to expect queues and disruption. So, how did it go?

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Southern announce fare rise of under 3%

Southern commuters will face a fare rise of 2.87% and Gatwick Express fares will be frozen at the 2013 prices.

The average fare rise will come into effect on 2nd January 2014.

Southern railway announce their season ticket price increase Credit: PA

Southern’s Commercial Director, Alex Foulds said: “There is good news for all of our season ticket holders as we have chosen not to use flex, meaning that all our season ticket holders will pay a lower increase.

"It’s also great news for our Gatwick Express passengers as we are freezing fares on the route, and for those looking for cheap off-peak travel, we continue to freeze our cheapest Advance fare at just £5.”

Revealed: full impact of London Bridge revamp

Southeastern has revealed the full scale of the disruption faced by commuters during the three-year revamp of London Bridge railway station. Hundreds of thousands of passengers will be unable to use the station for 18 months solid.

But alongside the shutdown there will be series of service improvements to mitigate the impact. John Ryall spoke to Southeastern's customer services manager Alison Nolan.


Part-time season tickets for rail commuters

Rail passengers in the South will be able to buy part time season pickets as part of plans announced by the transport minister Norman Baker.

It will mean passengers who work three or four days a week will no longer have to pay for full monthly or annual season tickets.

The scheme will be piloted in London next year.

The transport minister Norman Baker talked to us about the new tickets.

Overcrowded trains: Minister statement

Transport Minister Norman Baker has called on the rail industry to tackle congestion. .

He said: “Climbing on to a very crowded train is an unpleasant experience and I sympathise with passengers using these services.

“I urge train operators to do what they can on these particular trains.”

The ‘top 10’ list of worst-crowded trains is generated from arrivals into 11 major cities during the morning peak between 7am and 10am, and departures during the evening peak of 4pm to 7pm

Top ten overcrowded train services

The top ten most overcrowded train services are

8:27am Heathrow T1, 2, 3 to London Paddington – load factor 165%

6:13pm London Euston to Birmingham New Street – load factor 165%

6:23am Manchester Airport to Middlesbrough – load factor 162%

6:00pm London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour – load factor 161%

7:17am Banbury to London Marylebone – load factor 158%

6:19am Birmingham Moor Street to London Marylebone – load factor 155%

7:32am Tattenham Corner to London Bridge – load factor 154%

6:15am Portsmouth Harbour to London Waterloo – load factor 150%

7:09am Henley-on-Thames to London Paddington – load factor 149%

7:10am Haslemere to London Waterloo – load factor 149%

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