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Conservatives discuss migration on day 2 of party conference

The problems of refugees and migration had the Conservatives talking at their party conference in Manchester today.

The Home Secretary and MP for Maidenhead, Theresa May, told the Tory faithful that uncontrolled migration was bad, bad for the country receiving the influx, and bad for the country experiencing the exodus.

Our Political Correspondent Phil Hornby has been listening to the debate, and other issues raised at the second full day of conference.


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Costs of funeral are a 'fraction' of what people think

Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude, the man responsible for organising Thatcher's funeral, said the costs are a "fraction" of the figures being "banded around".

Speaking to Daybreak he said: "The state will always pay for the costs of the funeral and memorial of a former Prime Minister and Margaret Thatcher was very adamant she did not want to have a separate memorial service.

"So this is the one occasion when people will get their chance to pay their respects, give her a send off and commemorate what was, by any exception, a really remarkable life."


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Hurd: 'Thatcher will take her place in British history'

Former member of Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet Lord Douglas Hurd has spoken of his fondest memory of the Conservative prime minister being during a trip to Paris while she was fighting for her political life against Michael Heseltine.

"She swept in to the bug Galerie de Glace at Versaille and she carried herself like a queen. She was amazing - showed all the courage which I will always remember her for."

Speaking about Baroness Thatcher's legacy Lord Hurd said:

"It'll take some time for people to fit her in to British history...she'll find her place in history."

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