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Fatal crash: family talk of their loss

'It was a big, big mistake for which they paid the price.' Those words from the brother of a speeding driver, killed in an horrific high-speed crash.

Kyle Careford - and passenger Michael Owen - were high on drugs when they crashed the Renault Clio in Crowborough in April. Yesterday the family released a video of their final moments as a warning to others. It has been seen by more than 3 million people.

Kyle's brother said the decision to release the video had not been taken lightly - but done in the hope of saving others from making the same mistakes. David Johns has our report.

"If this video can save a life then it's done what it's supposed to do".

Kyle Careford and Michael Owen's final moments were found on a phone near the crash scene. Credit: Sussex Police

A man whose brother's final moments were filmed before he was killed in a high-speed crash has told ITV Meridian that if the video saves lives it has done its job.

The family of Kyle Careford and Michael Owen released the tragic footage of their fatal journey in Crowborough in the hope it will warn others to think twice before driving carelessly.

The pair had taken a cocktail of prescribed and illegal drugs before reaching speeds of up to 90 mph through the Sussex countryside in Michael's Renault Clio. They were both killed instantly when the vehicle crashed into a church wall.


Clock tower in Crowborough struck by lightning

The clock tower in Crowborough following lightning strike Credit: Crowborough Cookery School
The clock tower in Crowborough following lightning strike Credit: Crowborough Cookery School
The damage after the clock tower in Crowborough is struck by lightning Credit: Crowborough Cookery School
The clock tower in Crowborough following lightning strike Credit: Crowborough Cookery School


Lightning strikes clock tower in Crowborough

The clock tower in Crowborough struck by lightning Credit: Joseph Murphy

Firefighters have been called to Crowborough in Sussex after lightning struck the clock tower.

Roads are closed while crews attend the incident which happened this afternoon.

The strike has damaged the roof of the clock tower and ripped off several tiles.

Firefighters at the scene in Crowborough Credit: Joseph Murphy
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UKIP candidate denies making anti-Semitic remarks

UKIP candidate Anna-Marie Crampton, who has been suspended by her party for allegedly posting anti-Semitic remarks online, said she was hacked and not responsible for the comments.

She tweeted last night: "Im (sic) NOT antisemitic. I NEVER said i do not believe in the holocaust. I've clearly been trolled. I do post on Zionism as a political movement."

She later added: "Further, my great grandmother was jewish on my mother's side."

Ms Crampton later deleted her Twitter account.

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UKIP candidate suspended for 'anti-Semitic comments'

UKIP candidate Anna-Marie Crampton has been suspended from the party after allegedly posting anti-Semitic comments on a website.

A UKIP candidate has been suspended. Credit: Barry Batchelor/PA Archive

Ms Crampton, who was due to stand in next week's county council elections in East Sussex, denied the claims and said she was not responsible for the attacks because her account had been hacked.

A UKIP spokesman told ITV News: "We are investigating this matter, if she was hacked we will apologise for suspending her."

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