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IT firm responds to 640 job losses in Aldershot

The Aldershot based IT firm Computer Sciences Corporation has confirmed that it has started a formal 90 day consultation process which could cut the number of people working for its UK business by up to a maximum of 640 people. The company provided the following statement:

It is too soon to provide information around how many job reductions may come fromany of our locations. This action is necessary because the IT services market is changing, and our customers want competitive, new services with different contract and delivery models.

Through voluntary redundancies and redeploying people within other parts of our business, we hope to achieve a significant reduction without the need for compulsory redundancies. Where this is not possible, we will provide support to help ensure that anyone leaving the business does so in the best possible position.

– Computer Sciences Corporation spokesperson

The statement continued:

Our employees will naturally be concerned during this period of uncertainty, which is why we have initiated employee briefings to help them through this difficult situation. CSC remains fully committed to the UK market. We are confident that these carefully targeted and managed reductions will not impact the overall quality of service we provide to our customers."

– Computer Sciences Corporation spokesperson