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D-Day hero awarded for his bravery

Bernard Jordan is being given an Older People's Award for bravery Credit: ITV Meridian

He became famous after he dissapeared from his care home in Hove so he could attend

D day memorial events in France. Now, 90 year old Bernard Jordan has been given an Older People's Award for bravery throughout his life. He was given the award by the charity Impact Initiatives.

  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Bernard's back!

He went on the run from his care home in Sussex and sparked a police alert. But Normandy veteran Bernard Jordan has now arrived back home in Hove - to a hero's welcome. He'd made his own way to the D-Day commemorations after missing an official trip across the Channel.

This report by David Johns, which starts with flash photography, features Bernard Jordan describing his trip.


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