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Dartford tolls & £105 fines

Concerns have been raised that plans for cameras to replace toll booths at the Dartford Crossing could leave motorists with huge fines.

£105 fines at Dartford Crossing

Motorists will be fined £105 if they fail to pay tolls at the Dartford Crossing under plans revealed by the Highways Agency.

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Driver was too scared to drive through Dartford Crossing

A terrified motorist with a fear of bridges called police out for help - because he was too scared to drive through the Dartford crossing in North Kent. The driver took a wrong turn and called Kent Police when his satnav directed him to drive over the river crossing at 9.30am on Monday.

The man, who did not know the area, suffers from gephyrophobia, an anxiety disorder brought about through a fear of crossing bridges. The force control room operator said he would be passing through the tunnel, not over the bridge, but the motorist confessed he still felt too scared.


Council report claims Dartford Crossing costs could rise

A new Thames tunnel could drive up the cost to motorists using the Dartford Crossing, according to a council report.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson is behind the proposals for a new tunnel at the Greenwich peninsula, linking it with Silvertown across the river.

A report by Dartford Borough Council raises fears it could put on pressure to increase the cost to cross the Dartford bridge and tunnel to maintain the balance of traffic using each crossing.

The earliest the Silvertown tunnel could open is 2021 and a toll charge is likely to be introduced to fund it. Despite worries the borough council’s report does recommends members support the plans as it could reduce congestion around Dartford.

Calls to scrap crossing tolls

Darford, tolls, drivers
Dartford crossing tolls Credit: ITV Meridian

The Alliance of British Drivers is calling for the tolls at the Dartford crossing to be scrapped completely.

The Government plans to remove the existing barriers by autumn next year but motorists will still have to pay to use the crossing by phone, text or online.

The Alliance says the free-flow charging will cause inconvenience for drivers having to remember to pay and that they risk getting fined if they forget, plus the hassle of running such a system.

MP calls for Dartford Crossing views

Stephen Metcalfe, MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock is appealing for residents to give their views on the proposed changes to the payment system on the Dartford Crossing.

A consultation is currently underway over plans to remove all barriers at the crossing and improve traffic flow.

The removal of the barriers would affect the way payments for using the crossing are taken.

“I welcome the proposal to reduce congestion and traffic at the Dartford Crossing. The crossing is a vital piece of infrastructure and I can understand how frustrating it is for motorists to be sitting in traffic while waiting to pay.

“I do however want to ensure that the payment system is fair to all involved. It must be simple and must not be intended to catch people out.

“I would encourage anyone who uses the Dartford Crossing to make their views known to the Highway Agency. It is vital that the road users have a say in how this new system will be managed.”

– Stephen Metcalfe, MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock


Travel - roads: Kent - Dartford crossing queues clockwise

Severe delays, one lane closed and queueing traffic for ten miles due to accident on M25 clockwise at J1B A282 / A296 Princes Road (Dartford), congestion on M25 to Before J29 A127 (Romford). Only lane four (of four) was open for over an hour, but just lane one closed now.

The queues are back through the toll booths, over the QE2 bridge and back to J29.

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