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Charges suspended on the Dartford Crossing

The Dartford Crossing is being modified to allow for the creation of the new 'Dart Charge' scheme

The Highways Agency has temporarily suspended toll charges on the Dartford Crossing southbound until further notice - because of congestion.

The decision was made just before 10am this morning to help ease the severe traffic that has built up during roadworks taking place to introduce the new Dart Charge scheme. The Highways Agency said it also wants to reduce the risk of minor collisions in queuing traffic. The organisation said: - 'We are doing all we possibly can to help keep traffic moving.'.

One man's view of life on the Dartford Crossing

It's been a long time coming, but after more than fifty years, the barriers at the Dartford Crossing are coming down.

And with the removal of those barriers, the hope is that the worst of the congestion will end too. But will it all go smoothly, and do people know what to do?

Andrea Thomas spent the morning with courier and regular Dartford Crossing user Ben Conroy, to see how he felt about the changes.


Work to remove toll booths starts at Dartford Crossing

Work begins today to remove toll booths at the Dartford Crossing in preparation for the launch of its new payment scheme. "Dart Charge" will see the end of cash payments and aims to reduce traffic.

It means the barriers will be scrapped and drivers will pay the charge by phone, post or online.

The roadworks will continue until spring 2015 when drivers will feel the full benefit of the changes through quicker journey times.

Until then drivers can expect some delays but all work is being planned to minimise disruption. During construction temporary speed limits and road layouts will be in use so drivers should follow instructions on road signs.

Work is underway to remove the toll booths at the Dartford Crossing Credit: Highways Agency

"The payment booths have been part of the Dartford landscape since 1963 but they contribute to congestion and cause delays. That's why they are being removed and we are introducing a new payment system called Dart Charge. From 30 November drivers will no longer pay at the booths. Instead they will pay in advance or by midnight the day after crossing, helping to speed up journeys."

– Highways Agency project director Nigel Gray

"Initially, we'll work to demolish the southbound booths and drivers should see the benefits travelling over the QEII Bridge after the first weekend of demolition. On the northbound side, the works will take longer to complete because we need to construct a new tunnel safety system.

"During this time, road users will still need to travel through the existing barriers, but they won't be able to stop and pay here anymore. The reason we need to keep the barriers at this stage is to stop over-sized or non-compliant vehicles from using the tunnel."

– Erwan Huerre, Connect Plus Services Transition Manager

Dartford Crossing: Final countdown to Dart Charge

Changes to Dartford Crossing payment system Credit: The Highways Agency

The Dartford Crossing will change forever this weekend as Dart Charge comes into effect.

The new cashless payment system is expected to speed up journeys by removing the need to stop at a barrier. It will also give drivers more flexibility about how and when they pay the charge.

From 6am this Sunday (30 November) instead of paying cash at the crossing, drivers will pay online, by phone or post or at one of thousands of retail outlets nationwide.

Payment can be made in advance or by midnight the day after crossing.

Thousands on course for Dart Charge savings

More than 100,000 vehicles have been registered for a Dart Charge account, the Highways Agency revealed today.

Since account registrations went live on November 5, up to 2,200 people every hour have visited the website to sign up for a pre-pay account, which means they'll save up to a third on each crossing.

To help ease congestion at the Dartford Crossing from November 30 drivers will no longer stop at a barrier to pay the Crossing charge. Instead, they will pay Dart Charge online, by phone or post or at one of thousands of retailers nationwide.

Dart Charge in numbers:

  • £2.50 will be the new cost to use the Dartford Crossing – reduced to £1.67 if paid using a prepay Dart Charge account
  • Over 77,000 accounts set up so far – covering over 100,000 vehicles
  • 53% of people a day register for auto top-up
  • It takes less than 7 minutes on average to set up an account
  • 12% accounts set up on a mobile device
  • 18% of accounts set up on a tablet
  • 52 countries where users have registered for account, including Germany, France, Netherlands Belgium, Spain, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain plus one from New Zealand
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