Labour slams £100bn spending plans

The Government must "pull its finger out and start building", Labour said in the wake of today's raft of infrastructure announcements.

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X Factor's new star from Kent?

Tamera Foster
Tamera Foster, originally from the group Silver Rock, during the auditions for the ITV1 talent show Credit: Tim Dymond/ITV/PA Wore

The 16-year-old singer from Gravesend, Kent, made her first appearance on last night's show as part of a duo, called Silver Rock, with 22-year-old Jerrie Dila but the judges decided to split them up and make them both perform solo in front of thousands of fans at Wembley Arena.

The teenager, who admitted she was "so, so, so nervous", dashed off stage to her family after forgetting the words to her version of Whitney Houston's I Have Nothing and needed a reminder from show host Dermot O'Leary before going back on and wowing the crowd.

Judge Gary Barlow told her she had "potential beyond belief", while Louis Walsh said she could be better than Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke - two of the show's previous stars.

'Thieves beware' Police target handling of stolen goods

A new Kent Police campaign targeting people who handle stolen goods has been launched in Gravesend and Dartford.

Officers hope their Thieves Beware initiative will get people to think twice when they see high-value goods privately sold at cut prices - and realise they are likely to be stolen.

Expensive items such as laptops, LED and LCD televisions, iPads, jewellery and electrical equipment are attractive to burglars but are often sold on by fences - individuals who knowingly buy stolen property to re-sell.

The offence of handling stolen goods, which means taking them on and arranging for their distribution while knowing or believing them to be stolen, carries a penalty of up to 14 years in prison.

We know that with many people across the county on tighter budgets, the temptation to pick up a bargain might be higher than usual, but anything you knowingly buy from someone handling stolen goods is at the expense of someone else.

Burglary is an intrusive crime that leaves victims traumatised and shaken, and every item purchased from a fence is keeping burglars in business - and you or your loved ones could be their next victim.

– Insp Simon Hollingsworth


Transport reaction - AA 'devil will be in detail'

AA roads policy head Paul Watters said: "Drivers will be delighted to hear of the bold plans but hope this won't be let down by slow, patchy delivery. Potholes are here and now and our traffic jams just get worse.

"We welcome plans to transform the Highways Agency into a public corporation with a clear brief and guaranteed funding free of political intervention. But UK drivers remain fearful of paying more to use our roads - after all, they already contribute £46 billion each year in tax.

"If new schemes involve tolls they will be highly contentious and, while adding motorway lanes is very welcome, pinching the hard shoulder to do this may be regarded by some as doing this on the cheap. Overall this is very good news today, but the devil will be in some of the detail."

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