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  1. Phil Hornby, Political Correspondent

A new M Hancock set for Portsmouth

Matthew Hancock Credit: ITV Meridian

The new Minister for Portsmouth is M Hancock.

No, it's not a dramatic comeback by the disgraced independent MP for Portsmouth South Mike Hancock - it's the Tory minister Matthew Hancock.

It's proof though the "Hancock influence" in Portsmouth politics - diminished when Mike and his wife lost their council seats in May - will live on, at least until the next election.


  1. National

Michael Gove 'lost support of teachers and parents'

Outgoing Education secretary Michael Gove had "lost the support of the profession and parents", the National Union of Teachers has said.

NUT protests against Michael Gove in Bristol last year. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Archive

"His pursuit of the unnecessary and often unwanted free schools and academies programme, the use of unqualified teachers, the failure to address the school place crisis and endless ill-thought out reforms to examinations and the curriculum have been his hallmark in office," the group said.

“Michael Gove’s search for headlines over speaking to the profession has clearly angered teachers. We remain in dispute over the direction of Government policy, which we believe is undermining the education service."

“We will be seeking a very early meeting with Nicky Morgan, the incoming Education Secretary, and we look forward to not only a new personality but a more conciliatory approach, one that demonstrates an improvement in policy for children, teachers and young people.”

  1. Phil Hornby, Political Correspondent

Fallon finally gets government department to run

Michael Fallon, the MP for Sevenoaks, has a government department to run - at last.

He has long been regarded as the safest pair of hands in Westminster.

When the government was in trouble, they always "sent for Fallon".

Mr Cameron made him a minister in the Business Department partly, it's been suggested, to "keep an eye on" Vince Cable.

He was also made Minister for Portsmouth when shipbuilding ended there.

He will still be a regular visitor to the city in his new role as Defence Secretary.

  1. National

Unions attack Cabinet reshuffle as 'window dressing'

Unions embroiled in pay disputes with the Government have played down the impact of the Cabinet reshuffle on policies they believe hinder the rights and pay interests of workers.

This is simply an attempt at window dressing to make the Government look more women-friendly.

But if you look behind the gloss, you will see that the Tory policies are having a huge impact on women, in a bad way.

– Dave Prentis, general secretary of Unison
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