Homeless charity goes green

Former homeless people who have established a community supported by a social enterprise are to open a new project.

Probe into car park death

An investigation has been launched after the death of a man who jumped from a multi-storey car park.

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Sister of jailed teacher speaks exclusively to ITV

The sister of a teacher, jailed for having an intimate relationship with a fifteen year old schoolgirl, has exclusively told ITV it's wrong to call him a paedophile.

Jeremy Forrest from Sussex was sentenced to five and a half years last week for child abduction and sex offences.

Forrest taught at a school in Eastbourne. It's understood his wife is now divorcing him. Watch Malcolm Shaw's report.



Forrest family ‘would support marriage’ after jail term

The sister of jailed teacher Jeremy Forrest has told Daybreak that his family would stand by him if he chose to marry the 15-year-old he was charged with abducting.

Carrie Hanspaul said: “If they’ve managed to survive all of this and if he stays in there [prison] all that time – she’ll be 21, he’ll be 35, there are age gaps like that.

“That then would become a normal relationship and we would obviously support them if that’s what they choose to do.”


Jeremy Forrest's family are 'trying not to judge'

Jeremy Forrest's sister has told Daybreak that her family are "trying not to judge" her brother or his actions.

Carrie Hanspaul, sister of Jeremy Forrest Credit: Daybreak

Forrest was sentenced last week to five and half years for five charges of sexual activity with a child and one count of child abduction.

Speaking about her brother's time in prison, Carrie Hanspaul said: "He's been doing brilliantly, he's done a lot of work with a lot of other prisoners".


Paedophile is the 'wrong word' for Jeremy Forrest

The sister of jailed teacher Jeremy Forrest has told Daybreak that paedophile is the "wrong word" to use for her brother.

Forrest was jailed for five and half years last week on five charges of sexual activity with a child and one count of child abduction.

Carrie Hanspaul said: "She was 15, she's not 11. Underage, but the general definition of a paedophile is somebody who is interested in pre-pubescent girls generally under the age of 11.

"I think it's wrong that that's what he's been branded," she added.

Ms Hanspaul said both families had "been through enough pain" and that when the press referred to her brother as a paedophile it made "an already difficult situation worse".


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If you missed any of our Daybreak bulletins this Friday, Amanda Piper has a full round up of the news in the ITV News Meridian region today. While Simon Parkin looks ahead to the weather and what it has in store for us.

Today's Headlines:- We're Sorry - Council chiefs have apologised after an Ofsted report slammed its child protection services. Described as inadequate, a number of failings were identified and a raft of changes at Medway Council demanded. Officials have vowed to make speedy improvements.

Found Alive - A Sussex backpacker who's been missing in the Australian outback since Tuesday has been found safe and well. Former Brighton college student Sam Woodhead was reported missing from a cattle station in Queensland.

Going, Going, Gone - Today marks the end for Bournemouth's controversial Imax building. Demolition work is starting on the outside of the site which will become an outdoor events space due to open in the Summer.

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