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How much to save a life?

How much do you think someone should be charged for making life-saving equipment available to the public? Nothing at all you might think - surely it should be free. But if you're the Government's Business Rates Valuation Office, it seems that's not the case.

David Johns explains, talking to heart attack survivor Christopher Rusiecki and his brother, cafe owner George Rusiecki.

Life-saving equipment donated

A defibrillator has been donated by the South East Coast Ambulance Service to the island of St Helena.

The donated defibrillator is the only readily available unit on the island outside of the hospital.

The life-saving equipment can be used to restart someone's heart if they suffer a cardiac arrest.

A defibrillator that was donated to St Helena Credit: SECAmb

The defibrillator transfer was made possible by Kent Police Safety Trainer Sharon Graham and Resuscitation Officer Mike Dadd.

Following South East Coast Ambulance Service's help, the police and prison service plan to set up a defibrillator training programme and hope to spread it across the island.

SECAmb Chief Executive Paul Sutton said: “We are passionate about increasing the access to defibrillators across our region, as they are such a vital and valuable tool in treating cardiac arrest.

I am delighted that this passion has now been extended across so many miles to benefit the residents of St Helena.”