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Scientists study proteins for dementia

Scientists in Portsmouth are to launch a major study of little-known proteins they believe are a contributing factor to diseases such as dementia and multiple sclerosis.

The team of biologists at the University of Portsmouth have been awarded £600,000 to research the impact on the ageing of the brain and cognitive decline.

The study will focus on a protein known as Kir4.1 which is a key element in controlling special cells in the brain and spinal cord which form myelin, a substance which insulates the brain's wiring.


Dementia patients receive pioneering treatment in Southampton

Being admitted to hospital can be upsetting for anyone but for people with dementia it's particularly confusing and frightening. Now doctors and nurses at one of the south's leading hospitals are revolutionising the treatment of dementia patients.

In a pioneering project, a ward at Southampton General has been refurbished, with bright colours and visual aids. For the first time in this country a specialist nurse has been employed to train staff. Kerry Swain has been to visit.

Kerry Swain spoke to Admiral Nurse Jeni Bell, Matron Jill Young and June Wallace a patient on the unit.

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