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REPORT: New treatments for dementia patients

As the elderly population grows the number of people suffering from dementia continues to be an ever-increasing issue. For sufferers, it's daunting enough having dementia but often they're in hospital for other ailments too.

Martin Dowse has been to one hospital where they're pioneering new ways to help people get through their time on the wards. He speaks to specialist dementia nurse Jeni Bell, Jan Gollop who's husband suffers dementia and Luisa Castle, dementia care provider.


People with dementia 'isolated and anxious'

Too many people with dementia in our region are living lonely and depressing lives according to a new survey by the Alzheimer's Society. It says dementia sufferers often find their friends desert them, and they become isolated and anxious

Others have to rely on family and neighbours for support, as Malcolm Shaw's been finding out. He spoke to Willem Van Der Valk, who has dementia and his wife Christine, neighbour Julie Shenton, and Linda Barnes from the Alzheimer's Society.


Scientists study proteins for dementia

Scientists in Portsmouth are to launch a major study of little-known proteins they believe are a contributing factor to diseases such as dementia and multiple sclerosis.

The team of biologists at the University of Portsmouth have been awarded £600,000 to research the impact on the ageing of the brain and cognitive decline.

The study will focus on a protein known as Kir4.1 which is a key element in controlling special cells in the brain and spinal cord which form myelin, a substance which insulates the brain's wiring.

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