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  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Rain stops play?

It's been torrential across much of the south east today but the weather for much of the summer has been glorious. What a contrast to last year's washout! For many local businesses and tourist attractions, the good weather was crucial.

So how have they done in the last few months? David Johns has been to find out, speaking to Kevin Attwood from the Kent County Agricultural Society; shopkeeper Peter Avey; and David Foley from the Thanet & East Kent Chamber of Commerce.

Police won't prosecute over stuntman death

Matt Cranch, who died while working as a human cannonball Credit: ITV Meridian

Police have decided not to prosecute anyone in connection with the death of a stuntman at a show in Kent last year. Matt Cranch, who was 23, was performing a human cannonball stunt at the Detling showground near Maidstone when he died.

The case will now be referred to Maidstone Council where it will be investigated under Health and Safety rules.