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Elderly dog with tumours left tied to railings

The corgi cross dog was found abandoned and tied to railings in Oxford Credit: RSPCA

An elderly vulnerable dog has been abandoned and tied to railings in Oxford.

The dog has two tumours the size of apples and was found dumped along a path between Cowley Road and Cricket Road at 5pm on Wednesday 23rd April by a school girl.

The dog is thought to be aged between 10 and 12-years-old Credit: RSPCA

The dog was taken to the girl's home and given a bath when the two lumps were found.

The vet said that she was suffering from two ruptured mammary tumours and they said he condition had been deemed so serious that it would be best to put her to sleep to end her suffering.

RSPCA inspector Andy Eddy said: “Tumours this size would have been incredibly painful for poor Lara - she must have been suffering a great deal. If she had received treatment sooner, we may have been able to save her."

Adventurous dog reunited with Kent owner after six months

Chippy-Rusty is happy to be back with his owner in Kent Credit: Swale Borough Council

A dog has been reunited with his Kent owner who had given up all hope of finding the Jack Russell who went missing for six months.

The small Jack Russell was reported missing in Swanley last September after escaping through an open window.

Swale Council was then contacted by a member of the public to say they had seen a stray dog in the street in Lower Halstow.

Owner Gerry said he was glad he invested in a micro-chip to help find his adventurous dog.

He said: "This is another great example of the benefits of getting your pet micro-chipped and how much easier it makes finding the real owner. As soon as Gerry picked up the dog you could see the bond between the two was very strong.”

Police seize dog in Gosport

Police have arrested a man and seized a dog following an incident on Gosport High Street on Wednesday 11th December 11 just after 1pm.

It follows a report of the dog biting a man.

A 27-year-old man from Gosport has been arrested on suspicion of failing to comply with a dog control order and allowing his dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place.

We are treating this matter so seriously as a previous incident involving this dog was reported and a dog control order was in place. It was in the interests of public safety that the dog was taken off the streets before it could potentially end up biting another person, or more seriously, a child.”

– PC Roger Loxton Gear


Picking up strays

The number of stray dogs picked up by councils in the south east has reached 9,200 - that's an increase of 10% on last year. The latest figures, released by the Dogs Trust, equate to 25 dogs being picked up every day by Local Authorities in the South East.

So is the family pet the latest victim of the long recession? Nashreen Issa talks to Adam Levy from The Dogs Trust, Nicholas Barnes from Pets at Home and an Animal Welfare officer from Brighton and Hove Council.

Dog gets head stuck in wall

It's a dogs life for Lexi who got stuck in this wall Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

A dog had to be rescued after her head stuck in a wall.

Lexi, an eight month old field cocker spaniel, was rescued by a member of Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Animal Rescue team.

Lexi had to be rescued by Hampshire and Fire and Rescue Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

The dog's owner, Vicky Lovelock, called for help incident when the poor pooch got stuck in White Hart Lane, Portchester, yesterday

Vicky said: “I was walking Lexi and she was on the lead. She must have smelt or seen something which drew her attention enough to poke her head through a wall."

Reunited at last: Vicky Lovelock and Lexi Credit: Hampshire Fire and Rescue

Animal Rescue Specialist, Anton Phillips said: “I asked Vicky to hold the dog firmly whilst I released Lexi by using a hammer and chisel, gently using the chisel to crack the wall."

Vicky added: “I am so grateful to Anton and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service."

Dog 'accidentally turned on the hob'

A fire is thought to have started after a dog accidentally turned on the hob in a Dartford home yesterday afternoon. Two fire engines from Dartford were sent to the two-storey house in Willow Road at 12.13pm after the homeowner called 999.

Firefighters discovered that the homeowner had been doing some laundry and had left the next load on top of the hob. She then went to collect her daughter from nursery and returned to find smoke coming out of her house.

Just three breaths of fire smoke can knock you unconscious so don’t put yourself at risk by stopping to investigate the fire or to collect pets or valuables. Just tell the fire crews when they arrive – we’ll be able to find them quicker and more safely than you. The safest option is to make sure cookers and other appliances are always fully switched off after use and never store items around ovens and hobs.

– Bob Chilmaid, Dartford Watch Manager

The fire destroyed 20% of the kitchen and caused smoke damage throughout the house. To get fire safety advice click here.

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