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Specialist dog unit ready to rescue this Christmas

While most of us will hopefully be soaking up the festive spirit next weekend some people will be at work or even 'on call'.

They'll include Search Dogs Sussex who've been out on Christmas and New Year's Day in recent years. Andy Dickenson spoke to handlers Mick Castleden, Debbie Peters and Darren Yeates.


Wanda gets her wheels - dog story with a happy ending

Wanda, the cocker spaniel, when she was a younger puppy

A dog who was born with twisted front legs has been given a specially designed wheelchair to help her get around.

Wanda, the cocker spaniel, is 10 months old. She found it hard to exercise because of her wonky legs.

However after she was handed in to an animal rescue home in Kent, the staff there decided to find a way to make her life easier and more active. Sarah Saunders reports on the dog who has been lovingly nicknamed Wonky Wanda.

The interviewees are Kerri Eilertsen-Feeney a rescue co-ordinator at Cinque Ports Rescue in Deal; and Eileen Mellis, founder of Cinque Ports Rescue.

Puppies sold after being kept in horrific conditions

The puppies were kept in horrific conditions Credit: RSPCA

Dealers have pleaded guilty to fraud in connection with the breeding and selling of sick and dying puppies.

Teresa Wade of Ship Lane, Aveley, in Essex, pleaded guilty to one offence of conspiracy to commit fraud at Basildon Crown Court.

Victoria Montgomery of Melford Avenue, Barking, in London, changed her plea to guilty part-way through the four-week trial.

Her daughter, Roxanne Montgomery of Grafton Road, Dagenham and her partner Tony Hammond of Brunswick Court, Upminster, had already pleaded guilty to the same offence - of making false representations as to the condition of puppies being sold, intending to make a gain.

The RSPCA launched an investigation into these puppy dealers after receiving dozens of calls from members of the public complaining about buying sick and dying puppies.

Undercover investigations for the animal welfare charity found that two houses were being used as front addresses to sell the dogs from, while they were transported there from a travellers’ site.

RSPCA inspector Carroll Lamport, who led the investigation, said: “We received lots of complaints from members of the public who had bought puppies which were really poorly.

“Following some investigations, we found out that this network of puppy breeders and dealers were using front addresses to sell the dogs from, making out that they’d come from loving, family homes.

“The reality was far from that. These dogs were being bred and kept at a travellers’ site in Aveley, until it came time to advertise them online and sell them to unsuspecting members of the public when they were moved to these staged home environments. Sentencing will take place in December.

Appeal for owners after dog found in the back of a van in Eastbourne

Jack Russell found in the back of a van Credit: Sussex Police

Police officers are trying to find the owners of a Jack Russell terrier which was found in the back of a van in Eastbourne.

The Jack Russell is a female and aged about 7. She has not been microchipped and there was nothing else to identify her. She is currently safely in kennels.

Sussex Police also recovered a microchipped Yorkshire Terrier which had been stolen in a burglary in Dorset.

The Yorkshire Terrier has been re-united with its owners, but they have not linked the Jack Russell with any recent offences.

Police are anyone who thinks she may belong to them to get in contact.


RSPCA calls for reform of Dangerous Dogs Act saying dogs being put down because of the 'way they look'

The RSPCA is calling on the Government to revise the - Dangerous Dogs Act to stop what it calls the "needless death" of hundreds of animals.

The campaign follows dozens of cases in Kent and Sussex where dogs have been put down - sometimes as puppies - not because they pose any danger but because of their breed or appearance.

The RSPCA says the law is failing to keep people safe and means it is forced to destroy animals due to failing legislation. Sarah Saunders has the story.

Do you know how to look after your dog?

Now, we often say that dogs are man's best friend, but are we good friends to them? According to the PDSA, many of us aren't even taking care of the basics, like feeding our pets properly and looking after their teeth. Well this month the veterinary charity has been out on the road giving pets in the Medway towns a free MOT. Andrea Thomas spoke to some dog lovers and veterinary nurse Lorraine Everard.

Owners of dogs without microchips face £500 fine

Have you had your dog microchipped?

Thousands of dog owners across the region are at risk of breaking the law - and being handed a fine of up to five hundred pounds - unless they get their pets microchipped over the next week.

New legislation comes into force on the 6th of April requiring all dogs to be chipped - although it is estimated that one in six owners still haven't yet complied. Matt Price reports.

The interviewees are: Derek Hall, an animal welfare officer and Helen Wilkes who works at a dog rescue centre.

The Government has issued guidance on microchipping dogs and who you can go to to get it done.

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