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The Great Storm 1987: We hear your stories

Do you remember where you were on 16 October 1987? Well, few who lived through it will ever forget it. Thirty years ago, the worst storm for three hundred years lashed the South, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

18 people were killed in the storm, 15 million trees were felled, and winds of up to 115 mph were recorded.

The cost of the damage was put at more than £1.4 billion.

The storm wasn't expected to come as far as Britain - it formed in the bay of Biscay. Forecasters didn't think it would get past the channel but gales hit North West Brittany at 11pm that night and Dorset and Hampshire at midnight - by three in the morning the storm was devastating the South east.

John Ryall has been speaking to people who experienced the storm first-hand

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