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Port of Dover reopen following strikes

The Port of Calais has re-opened following wildcat strikes yesterday.

Freight Traffic heading for the Port of Dover is advised to use the M20/A20 route and tourist traffic heading for the Port of Dover is advised to use the A2/M2 route.

Due to the volume of freight traffic, Operation Stack will remain in place on the M20 (holding freight traffic on the coast-bound carriageway of the M20).

Non-freight traffic is being diverted onto the A20 from Junction 8 (Hollingbourne) and rejoining the motorway at Junction 9 (Ashford West). The Port of Dover says it is liaising closely with Kent Police and Highways England.

All those seeking to cross the Channel continue to be advised to contact their chosen ferry operator for further information.

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Screening stepped up at Dover after Calais migrant chaos

Tighter screening of arrivals at Dover from France will be put into place today, after footage showed migrants climbing into lorries delayed at Calais due to a ferry workers' strike, the Immigration Minister has said.

James Brokenshire said the chaos in the port town was "hugely regrettable".

Migrants were seen climbing into the back of lorries in Calais

Mr Brokenshire revealed extra French police officers were also being deployed to Calais to deal with the problem, adding:

Border Force has deployed additional resourcing to French ports, as well as also strengthening deployments at Dover as well, to seek to detect anyone who may be stowing away. We'll actually be using the technology that we have with CO2 probes, and other steps as well such as dogs to detect people.

– James Brokenshire, Immigration Minister

He added that maintaining the safety, security and integrity of the border was authorities' "absolute focus".


Massive traffic jams as French strike causes disruption

Wildcat strikers forced all ferry services between Dover and Calais to be abandoned today. At one point all Eurostar and Eurotunnel services were cut too, when the strikers occupied the tunnel terminal in Coquelles. Operation Stack has been in force. We have a report, sent live into the programme, from the M20.

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Eurotunnel service resumes from Calais port

Calais port is set to reopen this evening Credit: M6

Eurotunnel will be resumed tonight from Calais following strike action from port workers today.

Eurotunnel said that there will be a departure from France at approximately 6pm (7pm CET) and that the backlog of traffic will be cleared as service resumes.

Meanwhile, the Eurostar passenger train company said the Channel Tunnel will be closed all day with normal service set to be resumed tomorrow.

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Lorries warned not to stop within 60 miles of Calais

Migrants have taken advantage of strike action by ferry port workers to get on lorries bound for the UK Credit: M6

As the migrant crisis in Calais worsens, truckers have been advised not to stop within 60 miles (97km) of Calais.

Authorities have also warned drivers to make sure padlocks are kept on vehicles and stick with other drivers.

Hundreds of migrants have been seen gathering at roadsides in an attempt to jump on lorries bound for the UK.

Migrants walk alongside lorries queued at the Calais port Credit: M6

Donald Armour, international manager at the Freight Transport Association said he was "really, really worried" about someone getting seriously hurt adding: "It's their worst nightmare and not a good day to be travelling."

There is a lot of fighting between the migrants who all want to be on the best part of the road to get on to the lorries.

We haven't had a fatality but it's not good. The situation is definitely worse than it has ever been.

– International manager at the Freight Transport Association Donald Armour


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Calais Deputy Mayor: 'Border should be moved to UK'

Deputy mayor of Calais, Philippe Mignonet said the chaos caused by migrants boarding lorries in Calais is not France's responsibility Credit: PA Wire

The deputy mayor of Calais, Philippe Mignonet, reiterated calls from French politicians for the border to be moved from northern France to Britain.

Migrants have used the disruption caused by MyFerryLink workers striking in Calais to board lorries headed to the UK.

But Mr Mignonet says that the crisis is not France's responsibility and that border control should be moved to Dover and Folkestone.

Calais is not the destination. As you've heard, (migrants) want to get into trucks, they want to get to England.

England has got to realise that it is not our responsibility. The English border is in Calais and I'm requesting, such as (Calais mayor) Natacha Bouchart, for the border to be transferred back in Dover and in Folkestone.

We can't just accept any more, to be blamed for immigrancy (sic). Again, they want to go to England, they are not coming to Calais, they go through Calais to get to England.

– Deputy mayor of Calais, Philippe Mignonet
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P&O boss urges France to intervene after Calais chaos

Chief Executive of P&O Ferries Helen Deeble says her company is bearing the brunt of the disruption in Calais Credit: PA

The chief executive of P&O Ferries has urged the French authorities to intervene to ensure the free movement of goods and people across the EU.

Helen Deeble said P&O services said her company was bearing the brunt of disruption caused by striking MyFerryLink workers.

She said the industrial action was due to employees fearing for their jobs due to a sale of the ships by Eurotunnel to DFDS at short notice.

Our services have been stopped in Calais as a result of the decision by Eurotunnel to charter and then sell two of their ships to DFDS, at short notice and with neither party appearing to engage constructively with the French sea-going and shore staff at MyFerryLink.

While we have tremendous sympathy for the difficult situation of these employees who fear that their jobs will end on July 2, in disrupting the operations of the whole of the port of Calais, Eurotunnel continues to operate and DFDS sails into Dunkirk.

As a large and long-standing employer in Calais, we are bearing the brunt of the disruption.

We call upon the French authorities to ensure the free movement of goods and people across EU borders and to ensure the safety of staff and customers in and around the port of Calais.

– Chief Executive of P&O Ferries, Helen Deeble
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