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Husband tips off police about his wife drink-driving on the school run

A court has heard how a late night row led a husband to report his wife for drink-driving on the school run the next morning.

33 year old Emily Colbourne from Henfield pleaded guilty at Worthing Magistrates Court today and was banned from driving for three years.

Sussex Police have defended their policy of "naming and shaming" drink-drivers. Malcolm Shaw spoke to Chief Inspector Phil Nicholas.

Police in Kent charge 49 motorists with drink driving

Police are on the lookout for drink drivers Credit: ITV

Kent Police officers arrested 15 people between 3:28pm on Saturday 13 December and 3:05am on Sunday 14 December, making it the busiest night for drink-drive arrests so far this month.

In all, 43 people were arrested on suspicion of drink-driving between 8 and 15 December, compared to 32 the week before. Of those 75 suspects, 49 people have already been charged and handed a court date.

Chief Inspector Matthew Kendall from the Roads Policing Unit at Kent Police said: "Like our colleagues up and down the country, we are supporting the national drink-driving campaign and will continue to do so.

"All month we’re reminding people of the dangers of drink-driving, while also carrying out enforcement activity across the county. It is always disappointing that a small minority of people ignore the messages and choose to risk their safety, and the safety of others, for the sake of a drink."


Mother pays the price after drink driving with baby in car

Video. She was caught 3 times over the drink drive limit with a baby in the car, but tonight a mother from Dorset is paying the price. Thirty-eight year old Deborah Anne Poulton has been fined and banned from driving for 2 years.

Another motorist described how she was weaving across the road, almost crashing into a cyclist. When police finally stopped her, they found her 13 month old baby in the car.

Her case has led to renewed warnings about the dangers of drink driving with a new campaign being launched across the South.

Martin Dowse reports.

Motorist drove 'drunk' with 13 month old baby in the car

Deborah Anne Poulton leaving Bournemouth Magistrates Court Credit: ITV Meridian

A mother was caught three times over the drink drive limit - with her 13 month old baby in the car.

Deborah Anne Poulton, aged 38, has been fined and banned from driving for two years.

Another motorist described how she was weaving across the road, almost crashing into a cyclist.

Her case has led to renewed warnings about the dangers of drink driving with a new police campaign launched in the South.

101 dangerous drivers arrested in campaign

The summer drink drive campaign has finished in Dorset with 101 arrests made.

Drivers in road traffic collisions were automatically breath tested during the campaign - alongside the national drink drive campaign in June this year.

Out of all the arrests, 22 were made after road traffic accidents.

Additional checks were carried out throughout the county, including early morning checks undertaken by both marked and unmarked police patrols - with 707 breath tests administered overall.

Although the summer campaign is over for another year, we will continue to target those who put their lives and others at risk by drink driving.

More then 20 per cent of arrests came after collisions which shows how dangerous drink driving is. There is no safe limit, so anytime that you are going out for a drink you need to plan how to get home without driving yourself.

I'd like to thank the public for their support and would continue to urge people to call police if they suspect someone is drink driving."

– Matt Butler, Dorset Police Traffic Inspector

Do you know a drink driver?

The public are being asked to look out for drink drivers Credit: PA

As a charity renews calls for the government to lower the drink drive limit, it's urging everyone to speak out against offenders. The road safety organisation Brake says that, during the summer, more motorists get behind the wheel having drunk alcohol.

It wants people to look out for friends and family by speaking out while asking the government to adopt a zero tolerance approach.


Think about the morning after when drinking

People may be tempted to drink and drive in the hot weather Credit: PA

The council is distributing posters and leaflets to all pubs and sports and social clubs in the Wokingham Borough as part of the ‘Morning After’ campaign.

It reminds drinkers that they could still be over the drink-drive limit following summer afternoons and evenings spent with family and friends.

The consequences of drink driving Credit: PA

Julie Pillai, road safety officer, said: “With the longer summer evenings and the prospect of barbeques, garden parties, weddings and family gatherings, it’s all too easy to forget how many glasses of wine or beer have been topped up during the day.

“Drink driving is a year round problem, affecting families and communities, by somebody making the mistake of not realising how long it can take for alcohol to clear the system."

Sussex Police drink drive campaign

Sussex Police have arrested over 140 people in suspicion of drink and drug driving, which has gone up from last year.

The annual summer drink drive campaign which took place in June saw the police carry out 3748 breath tests as opposed to last year where 2177 people were stopped.

I am pleased to see we've stopped more people during the month but its always sad to see some people still breaking the law. Everyone knows that drink driving is against the law but some people still think it doesn't apply to them and continue to flout it. Alcohol contributed to 231 collisions last year but sadly some drivers still appear to ignore the facts."

– Phil Nicholas, Chief Inspector from the Road Policing Unit

In 2012, Sussex Police launched a text number (65999) which allows people to report anyone who they think might be drink or drug driving in Sussex.

Reports can be sent through with the vehicle's make, model, colour and number plate as well as the time and date they were on the road.

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