Free water deal could end soon

For more than 100 years villagers on the Isle of Wight have enjoyed free water - thanks to a deal struck in 1907 - but that could change.

Hosepipe ban

Water boss defends hose ban

The Managing Director of South East Water has defended a decision to keep the hospipe ban in place by saying his area is still in drought.

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Making the water supply 'future proof' in the South East

by Sarah Saunders @SSaundersITV

This winter parts of the region suffered devastating floods - but the last few years have also seen hosepipe bans and the driest summer on record. Water companies, you'll remember, said the region was facing a 'water crisis'.

Well today South East Water has announced its plans to 'future-proof' our water supply for the next 25 years - making sure that our water keeps flowing. Sarah Saunders spoke to Lee Dance from South East Water.


Water could be on the way from Scotland

Talks will take place to see if Scotland could provide water to the South East of England. With supplies in parts of the region under pressure, the UK Government has confirmed it is willing to discuss the issue with the Scottish Government. It comes after an offer of help from north of the border.

Even as some hosepipe bans are lifted, the South of England continues to face real issues with water supply, which look set to continue well into the future. Scotland has a plentiful supply of water. Although there are logistical issues, the project is feasible.


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