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Drug trafficking woman sentenced to 14 years in jail

A former police community support officer from West Sussex has been sentenced to 14 years in an Indonesian prison.

Andrea Waldeck, 43, was arrester back in April when she was found with crystal meth in her hotel room in Sarabaya, the capital of East Java.

At the time, she told police that she had been asked by her boyfriend, who lives in China, to take the drugs to a man in Indonesia.

Waldeck, who lived in Rustington, West Sussex pleaded guilty to trafficking drugs worth more than £3000 into the country.

The strict drug rules in Indonesia could have meant she faced the death penalty.

As well as her jail sentence, she has been ordered to pay a fine of £101,500 by Surabaya District Court.

Man jailed after border drug smuggling

Drugs package
The drugs have an estimated street value of up to £690,000 Credit: Border Force

Lorry driver Paul McCarthy has been charged with importing heroin.

He pleaded guilty at Canterbury Crown Court on Wednesday, August 7 and was sentenced for 10 years.

Malcolm Bragg, from Border Force, said: "Our officers are on constant alert to keep illegal drugs and other banned substances out of the UK and take them out of the supply chain before they reach the sheets.

"Drug trafficking is a serious offence and those convicted will face prison sentences. The message to anyone tempted to get involved is clear. We will catch you and you will pay with your liberty."


Lorry driver jailed for attempted drug smuggling

Packages seized after lorry driver tried to smuggle them into the UK Credit: Border Force

A British lorry driver was been jailed for 10 years after attempting to smuggle heroin through the Channel Tunnel at Dover.

Border Force officials seized around nine kilos of heroin which have an estimated street value of up to £690,000.

Canterbury Crown Court heard that officers at the Channel Tunnel entrance in France stopped a Dutch-registered transit van being driven by Paul McCarthy on March 11, 2013.

After questioning McCarthy, officers searched the van and noticed the fuel tank had been tampered with.

Further examination found nine silver wrapped packages which reacted positively to heroin when tested.

Drugs seized 'could have flooded market'

If they had succeeded they would have flooded the UK with £90 million worth of cocaine. Today, two men were sentenced to more than 40 years in jail - for trying to smuggle the drugs into the country on a sailing boat.

The pair were caught red handed - just off the coast of the Isle of Wight - with the class A substance stuffed into packets and cylinders - and hidden behind false walls.

But they were stopped in time by the UK Border Agency - whose job it is to patrol our coastline and to prevent drugs getting onto our streets. Charlotte Wilkins reports and speaks to Tim Fleming from the UK Border Agency.

First pictures - Cocaine smugglers jailed

Tomasz Konrad Dylik Credit: Home Office

Two Polish men caught smuggling almost half a tonne of cocaine on a yacht off the Isle of Wight have been jailed for a total of 42 years.

Tomasz Konrad Dylik and Piotr Ryszard Pachnia were arrested in June last year after their vessel, Baila, was intercepted by Border Force officers.

Dylik pleaded guilty to drugs smuggling charges at Winchester Crown Court in September last year.

Pachnia was convicted by a jury at the same court on Wednesday last week, following a three-day trial.

Dylik, 48, of Lask Warszawska, was sentenced to 18 and a half years while Pachnia, 33, of Rzeczypospolitej, Gdansk, was sentenced to 24 years at the same court today.

Piotr Ryszard Pachnia Credit: Home Office


£90 million cocaine haul: first pictures

The cocaine seizure is thought to be one of the biggest in the UK Credit: Home Office

Two men who were caught with ninety million pounds worth of drugs on a yacht off the Isle of Wight have been sentenced to more than forty years in jail.

The cocaine was found by Border Agency officials during a search of the vessel in Portsmorth.

It's one of the largest seizures to be made in the UK.

The drugs were hidden behind false walls on the yacht "Baila" Credit: Home Office

More than 470 packages and cyclinders of cocaine were found hidden behind false walls, in compartments and a holdall when officers carried out a search of the yacht "Baila" in June last year at the naval dockyard.

In an earlier hearing at Winchester Crown Court earlier, Piotr Pachnia, who's 33, was handed a 24 year sentence - he was convicted of being in possession of 454 kilograms of the class A drug.

The yacht "Baila" was tracked from Plymouth Credit: Home Office

The captain, Thomas Dylik, who admitted the same charge, has been sent to prison for 18 and a half years.

The two had been living on the yacht which was being tracked for about 24 hours from waters off Plymouth until it was 11 miles south of the Isle of Wight.

Officials, suspicious illegal drugs could be on board, escorted it to Portsmouth .

The judge at today's sentencing commended the officers involved and said they'd prevented an "enormous amount of cocaine from ending up on the streets of this country".

Bali drug smuggling charges: lawyer speaks

Police files on two drug smuggling suspects from Brighton have been formally handed to Bali prosecutors after more than three months of investigation.

Julian Ponder and Rachel Dougall, a couple, who lived on the holiday Island, have now been transferred to the notorious Kerobokan Jail.

Julian Ponder is charged with drug possession and trafficking. He faces 5 years to Life for the possession and the Death Penalty for the trafficking.

His partner Rachel Dougall faces a possession charge in relation to cocaine found in their villa during a police raid.

Speaking from Bali, her lawyer Ary B Soenardi said she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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