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Video report: Police describe how a drug dealer followed them at 120mph

The full story: We're used to watching police filming speeding drivers - but never before have we shown you footage of a speeding driver chasing a police car. And filming the chase himself - while driving at 120 miles an hour on the M20. Convicted drug dealer Princely Imara, who's from Maidstone, has been jailed for dangerous driving and a string of other offences. Abigail Bracken reports.

Warnings over highly dangerous drugs, stolen from vet's practice

Police are warning about the dangers of drugs stolen from a vet's practice in Basingstoke.

Among the drugs taken from GP Vet Practice were 5ml bottles and vials of anaesthetic, sedatives, opiates and euthanasia solution.

A 500ml bottle of anaesthetic was also stolen along with tranquiliser tablets and ketamine tablets.

PC Mike Ahearne of the Northern Investigations Team said: “We are urging anyone who has come into contact with these drugs not to use them. They are highly dangerous. We have notified Ambulance Services and the Hospitals that these drugs have been stolen and are appealing to anyone who has been offered these types of drugs to call us immediately on 101 quoting 44150334102.”


Men jailed for supplying millions of pounds worth of drugs in Kent

Bas Van Der Weijden Credit: Kent Police
Romeo Apostu Credit: Kent Police
Zahid Mahmood Credit: Kent Police

Three men have been jailed for a total of more than 36 years after pleading guilty to the supply of millions of pounds of Class A drugs that had been imported into Kent.

In March 2015, as part of a drugs supply investigation, police officers saw a man loading a VW Polo onto a recovery vehicle in Northamptonshire.

Later that day officers saw the same man – 43 year-old Zahid Mahmood from Hansworth - in Dover Road in Gravesend, meeting with Dutch national Bas Van Der Weijden, and unloading a suitcase from the boot of a Skoda Fabia into the boot of the Polo that was on the recovery truck.

The recovery truck was intercepted in Springhead Road in Gravesend and searched under the Misuse of Drugs Act. In the suitcase officers uncovered approximately 10 kilos of heroin and both men were arrested.

Officers returned to the Fabia and found three further suitcases, which contained 32.4 kilograms of heroin and cocaine.

Detectives from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate established that 41 year-old Van Der Weijden, from Eindhoven, had travelled back and forth between England and Amsterdam on regular occasions with 44 year-old Romeo Apostu. Detectives further established that the two men had regularly booked hotels together in the Gravesend area and Van Der Weijden was also caught on CCTV in Gravesend buying the suitcases in which the drugs were found.

All three men were charged with supply of heroin and cocaine. The heroin had a street value of approximately £4 million, and the cocaine was worth around £100,000.

The three men were sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court. Van der Weijden was sentenced to 14 years in prison; Apostu was sentenced to 13 years; and Mahmood to 9 years and four months.

A quantity of the heroin, seized by police Credit: Kent Police

Drug dealers tried to sell crack cocaine from car

Cedric Makiadi Credit: Kent Police
Gabriella Attidore Credit: Kent Police

A pair of drug dealers who tried to sell crack cocaine from a car in Tunbridge Wells have been jailed for six years.

Cedric Makiadi and Gabriella Attidore were attempting to supply the Class A substance in the town but were arrested after officers recognised known drug users walking from their vehicle.

Attidore, 23, of Caldercliff Road, Huddersfield, was driving the black Vauxhall Corsa when it was stopped by officers in Brook Road on 25 June 2015.

Makiadi, 27, of Arlington Close, Lewisham, London was a passenger and was carrying the drugs. When searched, 60 wraps of crack cocaine were found hidden in his underwear. A snack tub was found in the car containing £226 in cash.

Tesco worker finds £600,000 worth of drugs

Drugs with an estimated value of more than £600,000 have been found inside a box of bananas at Wokingham in Berkshire by a Tesco worker.

The worker was unpacking the fruit, shipped from South America, when he discovered five bags. Each contained white powder, believed to be cocaine.

Drug dealer behind bars

A man has been sentenced to four years in prison for drug possession with intent to supply.

Craig Ferrier, aged 37, of Gatcome Close, Calcot, Reading, was found guilty by a unanimous jury, after a four day trial at Reading Crown Court of one count of drug possession with intent to supply.

Craig Ferrier Credit: Thames Valley Police

On 24 May 2015, Ferrier was arrested after he discarded a small package, when he was told by staff from the Zeus Nightclub, Reading, that he was going to be searched. This was found to contain cocaine as was another bag. There was evidence of intent to supply drugs found on Ferrier's phone.

Ferrier had no regard for the well-being of others and the impact that drugs can have on peoples’ lives. I hope that this conviction and sentence will make it clear to anyone who is dealing, or considering dealing, any kind of drug that they risk a significant prison sentence for their activities.

– Detective Constable Alastair Bagshaw


Court orders drug dealer to hand over £3,700

Kent Police has used the Proceeds of Crime Act to obtain a court order which requires a man to forfeit £3,777.50.

Ravinder Deol, 31, was arrested in Knockhall Road, Greenhithe on 1 March 2014. In September, having pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing drugs with intent to supply, he received a two year suspended sentence and a 12 month supervision order.

On 3 February 2015 a confiscation hearing was heard at Maidstone Crown Court under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Deol was ordered to repay £3,777.50 – a sum agreed based on his available assets. Failure to pay the money within three months will result in a further three months being added to his sentence.

Deol was arrested after officers had seen him speaking to another man in a suspicious manner. It was believed the men may have been buying and selling drugs.

A search was carried out on Deol’s silver Ford Focus at the scene, and 12 wraps of cocaine were found just above the brake pedal. The wraps were found in a sock which had been wedged into the dash, but part of the sock was dangling loose.

Officers also found £85 and a mobile phone in the vehicle. Deol has a further £515 in cash in his wallet, and an iPhone.

Further searches at Deol’s house in Alma Road, Sheerness, resulted in officers finding another sock containing 33 more wraps of cocaine, along with £1,490 in cash bound with an elastic band. A chest of drawers contained £720 cash.

In total Kent Police had seized £2,810 in cash and 22.69g of cocaine under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Checks on Deol’s mobile phone showed various text messages consistent with the supplying of controlled drugs.

"Kent Police will continue to use the Proceeds of Crime Act to claim money back from criminals. Drug addiction causes so much misery to addicts and their families, it is only right that, as well as receiving a suitable sentence, we pursue the profits dealers have made and return that money to the public purse."

– Financial investigator Sam Holpin from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate

Heroin dealer jailed

A 52-year-old man has been jailed for two years for possession with intent to supply drugs in Reading.

Frank Wootton from Arthur Place, Reading was sentenced to 24 months’ imprisonment at Reading Crown Court for the charge of possession with intent to supply a class A drug (heroin).

He was found guilty on 12 November 2014 at the same court following a two-day trial.

Heroin dealer jailed Credit: Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley Police regards the supply of class A drugs as a high priority. Our residents highlight drug-dealing as a scourge, causing socio-economic damage to our communities. We will tirelessly seek to end such illegal activities and bring the offenders to justice. We welcome the guilty verdict returned in this case and hope this acts as a deterrent for anyone thinking of taking up the supply of drugs.

– PC John Chen
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