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Cats dumped on doorstep in a taped cardboard box

The RSPCA is appealing for information after two young cats were found in a taped-shut cardboard box on a doorstep in Bournemouth.

The cats, who have been named Rambo and Arnold by RSPCA staff, were found at about 4pm on Sunday 26 January.

Rambo and Arnold are now safe are being dumped on a doorstep Credit: RSPCA

The black and white males were found by a lady on her doorstep in Ripon Road. They were in an Amazon box which also contained a cushion and a few dry biscuits. A brick had been placed on top of the box.

RSPCA animal welfare officer Sue Brooks said: “We think the cats are aged between six and 12 months old and they are in good condition, although they haven’t been neutered. They weren’t microchipped and there was nothing to identify them.

Enquiries in the area haven’t resulted in finding anyone who saw anything suspicious or who knows where the cats came from so we desperately need to hear from anyone with information.”

Rabbits dumped in shopping basket at rescue centre

Rabbits left abandoned at RSPCA centre Credit: RSPCA

Two rabbits have been dumped in a shopping carrier at an RSPCA centre.

The two male rabbits, one black and one brown, were underweight and one appeared to have skin problems. They are believed to be about six months old.

The receptionist at Blackberry Farm in Aylesbury says a young man driving a flat-bed pickup truck turned up carrying the rabbits in a supermarket shopping basket.

He said his friend no longer wanted them and when he was told there was no room for them he left.

However, a short time later one of the centre’s volunteer dog walkers came in saying she had found the carrier at the bottom of the drive with one rabbit in it and the other one running loose.