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Fire service's warning over exploding e-cigarettes

The public is being urged to buy e-cigarettes from reputable sources Credit: PA

Firefighters are urging people to purchase e-cigarettes from reputable retailers. A woman in Sussex had a lucky escape when her e-cigarette exploded.

Firefighters were called to the flat in Green Lane Close, Arundel, after the occupier was woken by her smoke detector and called 999.

The fire is believed to have started when the e-cigarette, which had been purchased from a market stall without instructions or packaging, was left charging overnight. The device subsequently overheated and exploded, scorching the wall and spraying hot fragments over soft furnishings in the flat.

Thankfully, nobody was injured and the fire was out on arrival.

The lady had a fortunate escape. When the charger exploded the hot components scattered across the room and scorched the lady's soft furnishings. Thankfully, they didn't fully ignite and the smoke detector did its job and alerted her to the danger.

This isn't an isolated incident. Our crews have attended fires involving e-cigarettes before. It's really important to buy any electrical product from a reputable retailer. You may think you are getting a bargain by purchasing it from a market stall but, whilst we all like a bargain, taking a chance on these goods isn’t worth the risk. It could result in a house fire, a life-changing injury or worse.”

– West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service

Urgent warning about 'wrong chargers' after Kent explosion

Kent Fire & Rescue Service has issued an urgent warning about mobile phone and e-cigarette chargers after an explosion in a house.


No smoke, but still a fire - e-cigarette to blame?

How can it be possible? e-cigarettes aren't alight so how can one be blamed for causing a fire in Dorset? That's the line of investigation for fire experts in Dorset after a blaze in a flat in Poole.

Nearly 30 residents in flats had to leave their homes after an e-cigarette charger caught alight. Dorset Fire and Rescue said the blaze on the 9th floor of the building on Parkstone Road started just before 10 am.