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Life saving equipment stolen from ambulances

Life-saving equipment worth tens of thousands of pounds has been stolen from East Grinstead Ambulance Station.

It happened between 4pm on 30th June and 7.45am on the 3rd of July.

A locked store room and two ambulance vehicles were broken into, and at least six defibrillators valued at a total of around £34,000 were stolen.

A further break-in occurred at the station overnight on Sunday and on this occasion a set of keys to an ambulance were stolen.

The ambulance itself was not damaged or stolen.

The incidents are being linked to a similar theft of medical equipment from Hastings Ambulance Station on 25th June.

This is a truly despicable crime committed by someone who clearly has no conscious for the wellbeing of others."

"Defibrillators are vital in saving lives and we’re keen to return the stolen items to our emergency services at the earliest opportunity. They cost thousands of pounds, and often the purchase of such equipment is done so through community fundraising."

– nspector Paul Wood, of the Mid Sussex Neighbourhood Policing Team

Family's plea for treatment to be made available on the NHS - that could have saved young father's life

National charity Anthony Nolan is calling on the Government to intervene on behalf of cancer patients they say have been 'abandoned' by the NHS.

They're asking Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to overturn a decision stopping the health service from funding stem cell treatments if a previous transfusion has failed.

The procedure costs between £50,000 and £120,000 - yet without it one young family from Sussex say they have lost a father and a husband.

Andy Dickenson reports and speaks to Lisa Hepburn.


Hospital launches new bandage for burns patients

The Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead has played a vital role in the treatment and recovery of burns patients across our region for decades.

But the risk of infection with burns injuries is high.

Now the hospital has teamed up with the University of Brighton to develop a bandage that will tell doctors when a wound has become infected, as Tony Green explains.

The smart bandage that detects infections

From the pilots of the Second World war to some of the casualties of the Shoreham air show, the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead has played a vital role in the treatment and recovery of burns patients across the South East. Now they've developed a new bandage that will make treatment ever better. It changes colour if the wounds gets infected - meaning doctors can act quickly to prevent the spread. It's a collaboration between the University of Brighton, the hospital and the Blond McIndoe Research Foundation. We spoke to Brian Jones, Director of research development, Tania Cubison Consultant burns & plastic surgeon and Tony Metcalfe Professor of Burns and Wounding, University of Brighton.

Police hunt thieves in 'ultimate smash and grab' - full report

It took less than a minute to break-in, steal thousands of pounds worth of jewellery and leave. Tonight, the hunt is on for a gang of thieves captured on CCTV ransacking a shop in Sussex.

The gang of four used a crowbar to smash display cabinets at 'Decorus' in East Grinstead, as others stuffed jewellery into duffle bags.

And now local businesses say there just aren't enough police patrolling their streets.

Andy Dickenson reports. He speaks to Sgt Jim Collen and Stuart Scholes of the the East Grinstead Business Association.


Woman banned from two areas ahead of stabbing trial

A 42-year-old woman has been ordered not to go to two areas of East Grinstead while she waits to stand trial accused of stabbing a man.

Sylvia Davies is due to appear at Lewes Crown Court on 29 June charged with assault.

The charge relates to an incident on 22 June 2013 in St Leonards Park, East Grinstead, when Davies is accused of stabbing a man in a block of flats.

She must not go to St Leonards Park and Woodlands Road in East Grinstead.

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