Tibao red panda

Welcome for red panda

A zoo in East Sussex is seeing in the New Year with a new arrival.

More allegations in ex-bishop probe

Police investigating allegations of sex offences by a retired Church of England bishop say other people have come forward claiming abuse.

CCTV of two men that police want to speak to in connection with robbery

Staff threatened with axe

Police are appealing for information after staff at a petrol station in Sussex were allegedly threatened with an axe during a robbery.

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Pedal-powered cinema highlights plight of Orangutans

A previous rescue mission Credit: The International Animal Rescue

An animal charity in East Sussex is delivering a pedal powered cinema to Borneo to raise awareness about orangutan conservation. The International Animal Rescue, based in Uckfield, rescues the primates from the effects of deforestation and the illegal wildlife trade.

Campaigning for the victims of Thalidomide

"We won't give up our fight" The words today, of a determined woman from Sussex, who's been campaigning to get compensation for the victims of the morning sickness drug - Thalidomide.

Michaelina Argy and four of her colleagues took their battle to Europe this morning to meet the EU Health Commissioner face to face.

Andrea Thomas reports on the campaign so far.

The makers of that Thalidomide drug told us they regretted the tragedy, but that the drug's use fifty years ago, was ** **was consistent with the state of scientific knowledge then. They say they have done their utmost to give support to victims over the last half-century.


Lewes train fight police appeal

British Transport Police are appealing for information after a fight between two groups of people on a train at Lewes train station.

The police have released an image of the man they want to speak to in connection with the incident that happened on a Brighton to Ashford train on Saturday 31st August.

Police would like to speak to this man in connection with the fight Credit: Sussex Police

Detective Constable Nigel Craig is renewing the appeal for witnesses. He said: “After the service had pulled into Lewes station, a group of men and women on the train became involved in an altercation between another group of people who were waiting to board.

“One of the women, who was part of the group, began banging on the window close to the gap between the train and the platform.

"As a concerned member of rail staff intervened, one of the men in the group rugby tackled him to the floor, causing him to fall – with the woman – close to the platform edge. The member of rail staff was left with a graze to his knee and hand.”

School responds to criticism after teacher's relationship with pupil

Staff at a school in Sussex "repeatedly failed" to protect a schoolgirl who was abducted by a teacher - according to a damning report on the Bishop Bell School in Eastbourne.

Jeremy Forrest was jailed for child abduction and sexual offences against a 15-year-old girl. But a Serious Case Review says the maths teacher's colleagues ignored the warning signs and did not listen when other children raised concerns over the relationship.

Our report is followed by an interview with the Executive Headteacher of the school, who apologised for the failings.


Sussex Police respond to serious case review

Detective Superintendent Paul Furnell, of Sussex Police, said the force had noted the need for it to perform an audit in the next six months to establish if Child Protection Team officers are acting appropriately to any allegations.

He added: "Also to carry out a review in the next six months into the requirement and capability for a child protection team detective sergeant to attend all strategy discussions for allegations made against people working with children. These had been identified in our own review of the case."

MP demands action over school failings

Mr Timpson's letter continued: "It is important that students and parents can be confident that those failures have been addressed and all necessary action taken.

"As the accountable people, at officer and political level, for safeguarding in East Sussex, I am writing to you to ask what steps you have taken to assure yourself that the safeguarding practice in the school has significantly improved."

'Inexcusable' that warnings were dismissed

Edward Timpson MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, has written to East Sussex County Council children's services to raise his concerns.

He wrote: "For a school so comprehensively to fail to protect a vulnerable teenager from a manipulative adult, who has been placed by the school in a position of trust, is an abrogation of leadership and responsibility which had terrible consequences for this child and the family."

He added: "The way that school leaders dismissed warnings made by young people about an improper relationship, and the failure to provide any effective support to the child, is inexcusable."

Relationship between teacher and girl began on US trip

Evidence of an inappropriate relationship between Forrest and the girl first surfaced during a school trip to the United States in February 2012.

Two pupils approached the head of the upper school and reported rumours that the girl had a "crush" on Forrest since the trip.

Forrest denied any inappropriate relationship to senior staff and no other agency was involved, the report said.

The report said: "It is striking that it was, overwhelmingly, young people who raised concerns about this situation."

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