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Public health body confirms two E-coli cases in Dorset

Bacteria in a petri dish in experiment Credit: Press Association

The nation's health watchdog 'Public Health England' has confirmed that two children in Dorset have contracted E-Coli. Laboratory tests showed the youngsters have EColi O55.

They live in the same household as two other children who were previously found to have Ecoli and who are now in hospital with haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS) – a complication of the Ecoli infection.

A possible third new case is awaiting the results of tests.

The action that Public Health England has taken in response to the cases of Ecoli includes measures such as:

  • Informing the school attended by one of the children in hospital

  • Contacting the relevant work places of adult confirmed and possible cases, providing advice on infection control.

  • Following up all close contacts with tests and they are being asked detailed questions about all activities; places visited and food consumed in the two weeks before the first case was reported.

  • GPs and hospital doctors in the area have also been alerted to the infection and advised to test all cases of bloody diarrhoea for this infection to ensure no cases are missed.

  1. David Johns (@davidjohns_itv)

Farm e-coli update

Four years ago, twins Aaron and Todd Furnell from Kent were left fighting for their lives after contracting Ecoli at a petting farm in Surrey. Now the High Court has ruled that Godstone Park Farm is SOLELY liable for the outbreak.

It had argued that the local council and the Health Protection Agency should bear some of the compensation costs. David Johns has a recap of the story, including a clip from the twins' mother, Tracey Mock in 2009.