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Wayne Rooney did receive effigy honour

The Edenbridge Bonfire Society has a long history of burning well known celebrities and politicians on Guy Fawkes night.

Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand brand were burned following their controversial broadcast on BBC Radio 2 Credit: ITV Meridian
Manchester City football player Mario Balotelli was picked because of his problems on the pitch. Credit: ITV Meridian
While Wayne Rooney went up in smoke after signing a 5 year deal with Manchester United despite problems with the press Credit: ITV Meridian


How a Royal icon was created

The image has been the same for 46 years. In 1966, Royal Mail wanted a new picture of Her Majesty for stamps. It wasn't easy.

The Queen spent a whole day being photographed by a photographer, but didn't like the proofs. John Hedgecoe was called in. But even his photos nearly weren't used.

He photographed the Queen from every sort of angle, he got in lights, the whole room was festooned with technology and after about 20 minutes, he said: "I think I've got enough done ma'am", to which she replied, "so soon Mr Hedgecoe? Couldn't we take some more?"

They went into the next room and he took the picture against the lights, through the windows. That was the one Her Majesty chose.

A plaster cast was made from the silhouette and the cast was photographed. That's what we see on our mail. The original print is at the Topfoto Gallery in Kent.

Man charged with arson after blaze wrecks flats

The fire started in Wellingtonia Way, Edenbridge, shortly before midnight on Sunday Credit: ITV Meridian

A man has been charged with arson following a fire at flats in Wellingtonia Way, Edenbridge, shortly before midnight on Sunday.

Two people had to be taken to hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Danny Chantler, 20, of Wellingtonia Way, Edenbridge has been bailed to appear at Sevenoaks Magistrates court on May 15.

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